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billys big box room bonanza

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Hello, my fellow DIYers, and how are we today?

I'm bored bored bored what with no growing just now, so I have decided to build myself a little box room in the garage for .......er............pottering about, ....yes that's it .......pottering about. 


I am sitting here typing this as the sweat drips off the end of my nose, proving just how unfit I am and how hard, actual work is........


Anyway, my little room has cost me 380 quid so far, (for timber and plasterboard) as I had the OSB sheets, iinsulation, screws and nails already )


its gonna be 2.4 metres by 4.6 metres by 2.4 high. should be good.


I started by swearing a lot, while trying to single handedly plasterboard the ceiling. I managed , eventually , after much more swearing, to get up 3 full sheets and a half sheet. I also put in dwangs, which you guffs call noggins for some reason, to catch the edges of the sheets. Anyway those sheets are feckin heavy, especially when you are trying to climb a pair of steps with a sheet balanced on your head and held with one hand, with a pair of fuct knees. 

But its done now, they are up, so stop whinging Billy and get on with it I never said to myself at no point.


Now I next got all the 3x2 timbers (I refuse to go metric where wood is concerned, its 3x2 not bloody 74 by 49 or whatever. 

Sorted out the straight ones from the bannanas and started cutting them to size.

I'm making up panels, which will be easier to put up. They are 2.4 metres  wide by 2.4 metres high each panel and there will be 4 at this size. and 2 smaller ones.  about 2 by 2.4.  They will consist of 13mm OSB - insulation- plasterboard - taped- painted white, so I can see what I'm pottering about at. 


The OSB was, er, how can I put this.......liberated, yes liberated form a job I worked on a few years ago, but is only 11 or 13 mm. I would have prefferred 18mm but you can only steal, er liberate whats there.

The insulation I blagged from aa bloke who kindly insulated my house and had a couple of rolls left over, and a couple of rolls which have been in the loft since my house was presumably built, and the builders couldn't be arsed removing. 

Three cheers for lazy builders. 


As they used to say in best blue peter fashion, - heres one I made earlier


its taken me 8 hours so far, and ive build 4 of the 2.4 square panels. This is because kneeling for me feels like kneeling on broken glass for most so lots of breaks. 


Now a word of warning here, don't get too stoned when you are doing this shit, it quadruples the time you take to get anything donr when you are wandering around looking for tools, screwdrivers, hammers, tape measure (favourite this one) and pencils. I left the hammer on top of the steps, and when I went to move the steps, the hammer bounced down a couple of steps before bouncing off the rubber hammer and hitting me square in the bollocks. 

Bloody hell it brought tears to me eyes.

Edited by badbillybob
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1 hour ago, badbillybob said:

I left the hammer on top of the steps, and when I went to move the steps, the hammer bounced down a couple of steps before bouncing off the rubber hammer and hitting me square in the bollocks. 

Bloody hell it brought tears to me eyes.



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nice project but more importantly, Nice Busa  :yep: 

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well spotted Joint hogger, its my baby, even tho I hardly use it (knees fuct means sports bikes are kinda off the menu), but I cant bear to get rid of it.

Ive an old fireblade too, and took it to the TT last year, but had to stop every half hour to straighten out my knees, and its roomy compared to the busa,

it wisna much fun, I can tell you. I couldn't even make it to Bushys for beer thanks to non working knees. Most I could do was about 100 metres at a time. bloody embarrassing.


Anyway the build continues. Ive got the rest of the frames built and up, thankfully without any more hammer-testicle incidents. I have put up 3 of them just now, and it looks massive, but as I say, if its worth doing, its worth over-doing ha halarge_gr7.jpg

Heres the bumph on the insulation. I have 2 kinds , with this having the higher R value, so im using it for the wall nearest the garage door, and the wall nearest ex-cops garden next door.

Its too thick tho, I think its meant for 6 inch thick partitions, so I had to half it lengthways, as there was no way the plasterboard would fit over 150mm thich insulation between 75mm deep timbers. Bit of a ball ache, and itchy as fook, but had to be done. .I knocked up a couple of sheets of plasterboard to see what like, and I think it will be fine.

I will plasterboard and insulate the walls panels that are up, just to get it out of the way, then will build up the other panels and fit them.

Heres the bumph on the insulation, its got a better R value than the other rolls ive got, so it should help keep the temps in check, I hope.large_gr5.jpg

Im also gonna plasterboard the wall nearest the garage door, on top of the OSB, Just to try and keep the sound down. Im looking into resilliance bars, but they are expensive for what is basically some zinc coated metal. Good for sound dampening tho. will see if I can afford it, or will just use 2x1 to create a void between the OSB and the plasterboard, as this has the greatest effect on sound travelling. 


Sheeting on large_gr6.jpg


More updates when its all plasterboarded and framed, so that will be next month probably. ha ha.


Edited by badbillybob
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Sports bikes are not for me either, too cramped, these days I potter about on a z750kawa & a 800 vfr  when I want to go for a blast, gotta love the VTEC.

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badbillybob the builder, ......….can we fix it,...…….. badbillybob the builder, ...............….aint gotta clue ha ha

Only kidding, I do have a clue, I did this shit for years before health issues got the better of me.

So...more progress, its not even been a week.

Amazing what you can do when you're interested in building stuff.


I had a day off yesterday, and today I was running about with the car getting it fixed and motd in between hammering stuff into submission


This is where we are at, ive got another couple of frames built and 2 of them  fitted , just got the door panel to fix, but I will have to jigsaw out a couple of holes first for the extraction ductwork, which will exit above the door. That's tomorrows entertainment, after ive decided if I go with 1x 8 inch and 1 x 12 inch holes or 2 x 8 inch holes. I could really do with having my fan controller built to see how loud it will be with the reduced duct from 12 to 8, but well well, no variacs mean it will have to wait

Here are the latest fitted frames, what a job I had getting the fuckers in place, I built them tight, so had to get out the big sledge persuader  to coax them into place ahem.

2nd pic shows the door panel, so far, and the third shows the half of the room that's plasterboarded, plus the extra sheets I need to finish the framed side. 


Its taking shape now, ......…….exciting times...… tho there is still lots to do



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I do like a bit of diy mate, but I can only dream of a room that size, cracking enterprise :)

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Thanks man, I do like a bit of DIY myself, and would rather make stuff than buy it or pay someone to do it for me if possible

, I wasn't sure the tressle would take an extra fat b*stard,, cos the last time I used it I was only 14 stone,  but it holds 18 stone...………..just...………….with a bit of creaking....ha ha

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bit more progress.

ive got all the frames up and its all plasterboarded and insulated.

made the door today too and still have to insulate it and sheet it, it was a bit of a chore tho, a basic framed door took most of the morning to build and get it to fit, but its done nowafter a couple of attempts.

I will be putting another couple of hinges on the door and a hasp and staple to padlock it. 

next up is the taping and filling of all the joints- not that kind...…. …..yet...…….

im gonna double sheet the garage door wall and the ex cop neighbour wall, just for some better sound proofing, but will tape everything that's up first.

todays pics- not much progress, but it all adds uplarge_gr18.jpglarge_gr16.jpglarge_gr15.jpglarge_gr14.jpg

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more work done. the  joints have been filled  (no not those ones) and tapes applied to plasterboard joints and the upright corners

ceiling wall corners just been filled, but the walls are ready for second sheet of plasterboard., before it all gets taped again.

all this filling will help with sound. I hope. im also gonna put a skirting board on, and will seal the gap to the bottom between the skirting and floor, just to finish it off and make cleaning easier. ive also decided to sheet the back of the door with OSB instead of plasterboard.


tomorrow = more sheeting and taping

its taking shape now tho


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awesome m8 thats a big assed room, i love it, love me a good build thanks for sharing

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You can never have too much space Robot808.

I don't suppose it will all be used, but its handy to have. 

It works out at 4 metres by 2.2 metres x 2.4 high, which is masses of room.

I did think about putting in a veg area/ drying room , but iwould need more timber, sheeting etc, and id have to build another 2 doors (arrrgggghhhhhh). It will have to wait.


ive finished the sheeting and taping, done all the corner tapes and the joint tapes again. im not gonna post any pics today because it just looks the same as yesterdays, but the taped joints are wider ha ha.

Anyway, my next mission is to floor it, but only if I have enough timber in ma big shed to go under neath the flooring panels (19mm moiusture resistant chipboard type stuff) If I don't have enough timber for the underneath it will have to wait.

Also got a couple of small light leaks at the door, so that will have to be sorted out too.


My to do list is getting shorter;


Insulate and floor the room, if there is enough timber.

Sort light leak.

Paint room

fit skirtings

hang lights, filter and fan

make variac controller x 2

sort power out, cut holes for ducting and power etc.

grow bud.

get stoned


will be back once ive done a bit more


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not enough timber in the shed for under the flooring sheets, so it will just have to wait till ive got some cash.

I will crack on with the painting tomorrow, And hopefully get the door sheeted and the light fixing timbers up.

just wish this taping filler would dry properly, cos I could have got a coat of paint on tonight.....oh well.....nevermind.

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Looking good bro :yep:

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That's a great looking room, loads of space too, would love to build something like this but everything would have to go through a loft hatch which is a pita.
Anyway I look forwards to the rest of the build.


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