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Surfer Joe

HID to LED equivalents

I normally use a 400 w MH during veg in a 1m x1m tent and then use a 600 w HPS during flower. I tend to run 24/0 for veg and then go to 12/12 for flower.


What would be an equivalent light amount if I were to switch to LEDs?

Would it be better to separate them into two units rather than one so that they can be placed around the canopy more effectively?

I know nothing about LED lighting and was wondering if investing in them would pay for itself in reduced electric bills quickly.

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It depends entirely on what you're trying to achieve. Same wattage and more light or less wattage and the same light? You wouldn't do anything in regards to your lighting hours if you're happy with them. 


Read these two threads then you should have a better idea.



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What are your thoughts on either purchasing a 600w dimmable HPS or a 600/1000w LED, both full spectrum. I need to fill a 80x80x160 tent with 1/2 plants in at a time and need some help, really want to get the right ighting first time around! 

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