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Vitalink Nutrients Feed Chart Query

Hi all,


Just thought I'd pick your brains about the nutrients I've dived head first into purchasing. 


Brief overview:

First Grow ever

2 x White Widow feminised & 2 x Blue Cheese feminised both from RoyalQueenSeeds 

Under a Mars Hydro II "900w equivalent" 25 inches from top of plant. Seem to be doing well so far. 

All in Coco Coir and Perlite mix. 

Medium sized Smart (fabric) pots with a plan to transfer to larger smart pots in future.

1 Week and a few days in

Hand Watering nutrient solution. PHing to around 6.

Dived in and just got Vitalink everything. 

I've got a big bucket full of water that has been sat for 24 hours in order to get rid of the chlorine. Once it's rested, Take 4L out, put the nutes in, PH it and then give it to the plants, 1L per plant.

I must admit, I do have an EC meter but I'm frantically looking up beginner guides and how to use it but still have yet to wrap my head around it. 



Vitalink products I now own:

Coir Max A+B (1L of each)

Plant Start 250ml

Root Stim 250ml

Fulvic 250ml

Calmag 250ml

Silicon Max 250ml


Now, I've tracked down the nutrient feed chart (please see link below)




I've also come across an alternative feed chart with some discrepancies and similarities. (please see below)




At the moment, I am using the second feed chart as it appears to have seedlings in mind for the first two weeks. So as it stands I'm on week 2 using the lower recommendation of nutes throughout. 


What I would like to find out from you lovely bunch is firstly, have any of you had much experience with the full ensemble of Vitalink products? If so, how have you found them? Are there any similarities/differences to what you do that you can point out for me? 


Secondly, with this being my first grow ever, is there any advice you can give a coco grower about nutrients in general? Any useful guides/tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. 


With regards to the big old water bucket, should I filter the tap water prior to putting the nutes in? 


Also, do you have any good guides for EC Meters and stuff? 


Maybe I'm reading too much in to this, maybe I'm not. Your help would be appreciated nonetheless. 


Thanks in advance, 










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Which EC meter do you have? I have a bluelab truncheon. It came factory calibrated. I just place it in the res,and the LED will start flashing.That is then the EC of my nutes. I have no idea on Vitalink,I use Ionic. With coco,don't let the coco dry out or you will damage roots.Keep it moist,and when feeding allow for a 10-20% run-off.

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