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Seedsman Outdoor Contest - Blueberry - Jack Herer FAST - CBD Hash Plant

Posted (edited)

HI and welcome to my 2018 outdoor diary.


First of all I would like to say thank you to j and seedman team for giving me the opportunity to have a bash in this epic forum contest!


I hope you don't Mind my late diary entry for the compition and I hope i am still allower to take part. I had a few setbacks that contributed to this but the seeds have already been started and I am about 3 weeks or so in, from when i recived the seeds.


The strains I have chosen 4 my outdoor antics are as follows..

Blueberry x3

Jack herer (fast version) x 3

CBD hash plant x3 



These are some exciting times that lay ahead of us all and I wish everyone atb , who are taking part in this years antics. 


lets show theses other forum's what we are made off ..:george: :hippy: 



Edited by J Trich
title contest rules
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Happy run & good luck!!

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Posted (edited)

HI all :hippy:


Thank you @J Trich 


I just potted the girls tonight into there final pot before plant out.  I am about a week behind from doing this but all is well and good. They will be staying in these for roughly 2- 3 weeks befor plant out.



here are some pictures and first up is the jack herer 




Second up is the Blueberry 




And lastly is the cbd 



Unfortunately there is only one. Out of the 3 I popped only 2 germed and then the other one I accidentally dented the stem and I died not long after. I am abit gutted :thumbdown: but thats how it goes sometimes.:yinyang:


Not much really to report apart from the seeds that germed germed all normal times. I did leave it a while before I planted them, so the tap roots were abit long but other than that and a week behind in potting up... all is good here :bong:


I will report back in due time.



Edited by perkie_uk101
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Interested to see how they go. Especially the jack h fast as i have some going myself. 

Hope the weather goes for you.


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