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Marthur Ix

Killer Kush Fast version

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Potted them up today using canna coco plus.. Mixed charge into the coco and watered in with BIosys, and Remo Velokelp, micro, grow and magnifical .. The EC 1.0. PH6.0.  Will prob raise the EC Next feed....


Plant one Killer Kush.




Plant two Killer Kush..




Plant three Killer Kush...








under 150w Grownortherns ...




Thats it for now till next time take it easy....:oldtoker:



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They hit a bit of transplant shock , gave them a feed of Remo Velokelp, micro , magnifical and grow @ EC 1.1.  Ph 6.0.  Shall see how they respond over next few days..


killer kush one.




killer kush two..




killer kush three ...




thats it for now till next time take it easy....:oldtoker:

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I prob should have fed bit higher than last time so I do it this time @EC 1.2. PH 6.0

using Remo Velokelp , micro, magnifical and grow .... They look hungry so see how they respond ...


kk one .




kk two ..




kk three ...




group up lit and unlit...




thats it it for now till next time take it easy...:oldtoker:

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Stuck the two that ready into 5 ltr hempy buckets prob with four litre coco... Watered in using Biosys , Velokelp , magnifical, micro and grow .The EC 1.2.   Ph 6.0 .. The one that's not rooted will live in that pot till done....


Killer Kush one...




Killer Kush two..




Killer Kush three...



together two potted on ..




how they  look under 150 w Grownorthern hs1




Thats it for now till next time take it easy...:oldtoker:



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