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Gorilla Girl , Amnesia Haze and Green Poison Auto

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Hi @Inspiration101 thanks mate been alot off effort but like you said its well worth it for the end results got to give the girls the best chance to give me the best results or try to haha 

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Very nice @JamJar they look very nice not long left tho few more weeks 

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Update Week 2

hi guys back for a little update all plants have now been potted up i potted the last 3 tonight which was the Haze they seem to have got of to a bad start but am sure they will bounce back now they have been potted up i think it was the 600w being on them from the start 

all have just been on plain water for now i have also just put them all in 11ltrs pots i know i was going to go up in stages with the photoperiod but i changed my mind lol

apart from that all is going well so far here are a few pics 


first up the poorly looking haze 






next up we have the Green Poison XL Auto






last but not least the Gorilla Girl 







now here they are all together i know the top looks dry but i have put a small amount of soil on top after watering to not dry the tops out to quick lol till next week guys stay safe 



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Hi guys am back sorry i wasnt around last week had an accident at work so was out off action but am getting there now so time to get back at it 

The plants have come on lots since u last seen them the gorilla girl is flying up 

anyway not much change as of yet here is what they looked like today when i got home from work 








first up lets take a look at the Green Poison XL Auto they have seemed to of slowed down a touch longer than i want really but am sure they still give me plenty of nice buds one is a little smaller than the other but i still managed to tie both of them down 







Next up we have the Sweet Amnesia Haze these are coming along great now after i topped it so today i tied them all down apart from the smaller one of the 3 which need a Little longer 











Last but not least Gorilla Girl these have been flying up compared to all the rest of the plants in the tent all 3 have been topped last week an now today i have tied them all down and given them all a trim 










Thats it for now here they are all back in tent till next week stay safe 











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coming on a treat now in here mate. :yinyang:

all the best for flowering. s1:smokin:

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Yh looking really good. Looks like they are responding well to the training.

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Excellent diary, as always!!

All the best!

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Very nice 

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How was the smoke on the GG?

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