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Ram air pro 2 fan controller

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16 hours ago, Ronaldo49 said:


Ive read that those will cause fan hum unless its the more expensive hybrid version. Is this not right?

Don't know about that but I'm pretty sure the SMSCOM mk2's have had to largely be recalled over the last 6 months/year due to most of them being faulty, may not have been that model but I think it was.


@Ronaldo49 If I were you I would choose the JDC-1000. It's what I'll be buying next.

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type variac fan speed controller into your favourite auction site, there is one for 135 odd quid which guarantees no hum or your money back. It looks home made, but if it works  -who cares.

Or build yourself a variac one.

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Is it possible to use a  smscom fan controller with rhino pro twin speed fans??Just asking as never used 1 before and also the fans having 2 speeds on it themselves??

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If you keep the fan on the highest setting i bet it would be ok, but you might want ask rhino. I have a can fan max pro which has 2 settings. I emailed Can and they said any fan controller will work as long as its on the highest setting.

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thanks ronaldo!!

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