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Sweet Seeds Mix in the Greenhouses.

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20 hours ago, Inspiration101 said:

Wow and damn !


Was working my way down the page, was looking like a really top greenhouse grow.....then boom, bad luck strikes.  I can empathise with that.  No accounting for the curve balls life throws.


Congrats on being in the fortunate position to have a few jars stored away, that should dull the blow a little, and am glad to read your entire greenhouse did not fall to the wayside.


Best of luck for the remnants of the season ! :)  


Thanks mate,     just gutting knowing they were a week away from being ready  and that it was my fault :(      I now have a checklist before i leave for work !   


All will be great as the Blow Minds are going NUTS and becoming huge !!!    When they romp home for me all will be great.    One of the Blow Minds are turning purple too and she looks amazing and smells even better :)      The Strawberry Glue is looking freaky and will need to wait and see as not seen anything like it before,   the Holy Grail is coming on.


But my trustworthy Cream Mandarin are taking off now and will get the majority of the love.     


I had a sample of the little bit of Mohan Ram i salvaged and it was fantastic,  i may have lost them but i have saved a few j's of her and will enjoy it.   


Here's to an uneventful run up to the season end.   

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@OldFord  Yep, it only takes a single oversight to mess up a grow, easily done, the trick is not to do it a 2nd time :D


You still have some cracking plants on the go so am glad all is not lost !


Best of luck ! :)  

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@Jaypp   One of the Auto Blow Minds has taken on a wonderful pink colouration to the buds ..... in the 3 years grows i have never seen it before.   Only on the bud nothing on the leaves or stems.   Any iidea ?    no complaints as she looks wonderful :)    Will get pics up Friday.   

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Just a quick post to say i am impressed by the kindness and generosity of of some of the guys on here :)  


I have had a member pm me after reading this thread and seen that through my stupidity had lost plants and very kindly offered me free seeds to get me going again !!   True gentleman.  


I wont name the member without their permission but just thought i would share this act of kindness and generosity with you guys.


Will update the thread with this weeks pics shortly,  the big ass Blow mind is almost done and just keeps getting bigger :) 

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Home from a long trip away with work and ..... i have an Auto Blow Mind ready to come down !!!  :)     


A few pics of what i arrived home to :)    Better than the last time i arrived home !     No plants lost this time and 1 ready to come down,  some close to coming down and some just growing nicely.     The rose is something the mrs is working on as she breeds roses and lily's,  the most amazing perfume engulfs the greenhouse smell until you step into the greenhouses !!lol        


The 2 larger autos are Blow Minds,   the smaller are my fav of all the SS strains -  Cream Mandarin.


I have 1 more Auto Blow Mind but i want to keep that one hush for now :)


Edited by OldFord
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Update on the Auto Blow Minds,  i have 2 down and 1 unusual Auto Blow Mind left that i really dont want to chop as its pretty :) 


This is the only Auto Blow Mind i have had from last year and this year that has displayed the red traits from tip to toe,  the smell is sweeter and fruitier than any i have run,  really dont want to chop her but shes an auto and coming down this weekend.      Hopefully she keeps the red trait when drying and curing.  


Anyway this is her ...........



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This is the last Sweet Seeds offering i have in the greenhouse for this year,   A Sweet Seeds Auto Cream Mandarin that smells delightful and seems to be packing the weight on every time i see her :)   




She may have to be relocated to the other greenhouse if the Strawberry Glue she is sharing with gets much bigger lol   



The big bitch just keeps getting bigger !!   Showing pre flowers now so its all good.  

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My last 2 Auto Cream Mandarins of the season :(           1 healthy and ready for the chop and 1 mutant that i should have binned early doors but left her to grow out and im glad i did !!!


She is solid bud and has done her own thing,  stinks out the entire street let alone garden lol        Solid little thing and around a few weeks to go,  just solid bud and very few leaves. 



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