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Can you tell how many weeks left by trichomes only?

Hi guys, girls & (to be politically correct) gender neutrals! :smokin:


I've read on many guides over the years & these things are normally what is stated:


1) The calyx hairs 80% brown.

2) The trichomes 60% Cloudy.

3) The trichomes 10% muddy.

4) What the seed packs say!

5) You can just see she is ready!

6) When the calyx 's are swollen.


OK, I confess to believing that most of what I know comes from guru posts on this extremely awesome UK420 :bong:


Thus from this I believe the answer is all of the above. There are so many conditions that can delay ripening & therefore add days to weeks. It is also known that most long standing members here at UK420 know to assess the whole plant. One final thing correctly & wisely stated by @Ot1 is that not all strains have trichs that go cloudy to muddy, so it is very much strain dependent.


This post here is not to ask advice, but just to see if there are those among you who can tell quite accurately by trichomes alone. It's not a competition, it's more about firming up awareness for those less experienced & having a little fun.


I just want you to state how many weeks you believe there are left for each photo.

There are no correct or wrong answers, other than I do know how many weeks they have been in flower, what strain they are & I have the advantage of being able to see the whole plants, however, even I won't know until they are ready for sure.


It's also for a little light fun & hopefully spark a discussion with other members trichome photos :haveadab:


Here goes:


Pic A:



Pic B:



Finally, Pic C:




Let the fun begin :smokin:

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I'm out of smoke and have been for some time so they are all ready now as far as I'm concerned....send them this way :rofl:

Seriously though, as a noob grower I have no idea so will be interesting to compare what I 'reckon' to what others 'know'. I guess it is also subjective to how one like's there smoke too but if we are going for somewhere down the line.....

A....3 weeks?
B....3-5 days?
C....7-10 days?

Right, who can tell me I'm off but more importantly...why :)

Good game mate, I'm gonna like following this for a while!

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Are you being a wee bit tricky..


All photos of the same plant?


Its like spot the ball, anybody’s in with a chance! lol 

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Haha! No nothing tricky, 3 different plants, 2 different strains, of which 2 different pheno's & all three are at staggered stages. But I think you're getting the point! :smokin:

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Thanks for your comments guys, I appreciate it.


But the number of current players is disappointing so far & if the comments are going to be reflecting of all my other posts then this is game over :wallbash:


Come on, play people! This was supposed to be fun! :yinyang:

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On a technicality, does that mean I win?! lol

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They are all way off..at least 2 weeks.

I have 3 plants..ones ready,ones nearly ready and the other looks like its gonna outlast me. They are down next saturday either way..12 week flower is boring.

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