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I have tried both high and low feeds in RDWC, and bubblers and find lower is better to be honest, I never usually go above 1.2.EC.

Higher DO would obviously mean higher take up of nutrient to the plant, altho the plant can only take what it can take, and strain has a major influence on uptake/ nute levels

The difference between bubblers and  especially undercurrent re-circulating is that the roots have more contact with the nutrient in recirculating systems as the water is always being drawn over the root systems, whereas the bubblers would just have it moving over the nutes with the action of the airstones..

I don't see the point in wasting nutrients by giving them high feeds , especially when they don't need it, and it is just gonna cause problems 

I am just going off what I have noticed in the past from  my own observations, which is fried plants on high ecs.

I once grew out a 26ounce plant in a simple 40 litre tote bubbler, with 2 cheap airstones and a hailea aco9610 air pump., with 5 week veg and feeds no higher than 1.2ec, and have noticed no difference in yield between high and low fed plants, as long as what you regard as low is what I regard as "sufficient "


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I have found this feeding schedule from an offsite place that explains a lot better what Im trying to say......can I copy and paste it ?????


I am not wanting to promote this company or suggesting the information is correct....I have never and probably never will use there products.


It just seems to be the best schedule I have found to explain my thoughts on feeding in RDWC.....

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