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Mould on peat pots??

Ok so I understand why I have some mould on my peat fibre pots I used to start off my chocolate mint OG seedlings. I put them in a propagate to raise the humidity but the pots get damp and when checked earlier I noticed some white fur on the outside of the Pots. 

The seedlings look fine, they are starting to throw roots out of the bottom which I'm impressed with after just 3 days since they popped up through the soil, will the mould be an issue at all if I take them out of the prop and get air to them. I'm aware that when I pot up the pot simply degraded and rots in the soil anyway but what should my next move be? They're still a couple days off a pot up. 

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if you've got any white,black,white sheeting, you can cut out pot lid covers, this stops any light hitting the soil, preventing any algae growth &

it also encourage the roots to grow through the top layer of soil, normally the roots stop growing about a 1/2" to 1" below the top soil surface.




gallery_36349_2174_235213.jpg                  gallery_36349_2174_41587.jpg

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@Joint hogger Ive seen people do this a number of times on here thats a good shout, I will do this as I am going to pot them up into standard plastic pots this weekend, then they will finish in the usual 8L fiber pots. 

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