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yellowing of the leaves at the tips

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That looks pretty healthy and well fed.  The small yellow marks are almost certainly caused by you spraying the leaves.  You don't need to do that at all.  It won't do much harm, but it won't do any good, either.  You only do that to keep ornamental plants' leaves looking lush and pretty in an office where they get dried out by the aircon, but of course are not under a whacking great HPS.  Unfortunately there is all kinds of dubious advice out there about things to do to your plants, and half the time it's based on a misunderstanding, or someone's pet theory which is completely wrong.  lol

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BTW, the guys are absolutely right, this thread should be in Sick Plants or Problem Solver.  Almost all the posts in New Members are new people saying hi, and an appeal for help can easily get missed in here.

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