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Hello from East Anglia

Hi, everyone. Hope you don’t mind me joining you all as a first-time grower. I’m a middle-age mum from the wild flatlands of East Anglia. Smoked a little hash in my 20s but nothing since. Had back issues for some years and now insomnia due to me hitting that time of life *cough* and started using CBD at the start of the year to see if it would help. It has, and I love it, but started thinking about something a little stronger to help me in the evening when the son is in bed to help me sleep and ease the pain a little. I stopped drinking this year because it was making me feel yuk - plus doesn’t help with those hot flushes. Medicinal weed seemed the perfect choice.


Hubby and I have a long garden full of sheds and greenhouses as we are avid gardeners. I managed to persuade him to clear out one half of the greenhouses for my little venture and so I’m going for an au natural greenhouse grow.


Whilst researching, I got so stressed out by all the information about what I should be doing, using, feeding, etc, I decided I wanted to keep it simple and use my knowledge and common sense of gardening to see if I could grow some girls without too much hassle.


I got my seeds from Aztech. I went for a Mellow AK, but they threw in a free Gigantuan auto, a White Rhino and Hawaiian Skunk (thank you, Aztech!). My seedlings have been going since April and it’s been a real learning curve. I’ve cocked up a few times but, hey-ho -that’s the fun of it, and I have three lovely plants growing in the greenhouse and still alive (for now). Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the next couple of months.


I’ve loved reading all your advice and experiences on this forum _ keep it up. It’s great learning from you all. I’d love to start a grow diary but was wondering about photos -can I upload some and is the file info stripped from the image when uploaded?


Anyway, lovely to be here and hopefully happy harvesting for us all x

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hi there. welcome to uk420. 

fair play on talking the hubby around into using the greenhouse. that ak sounds nice, love the old ak47 i do, the ak lemon, and cherry phenotype being the best of the 2. 

the auto's you have will grow a treat in a greenhouse. you should have a end of july ,ish harvest from them. then the ak will be ready and of september into nov, if its a normal photoperiod strain ? 

no worries with uploading pics onto this site, it strips all the image info as they upload. :yep:

get a grow diary up in the glasshouse/ outdoor section. be great to see your pictures of the g/h herbs. 

i love outdoor bud me, its always more leafy tho, compared to indoor grown under hps lights. but the outdoor weed has a great taste, if grew organicly. 

i suggest you use seaweed extract for growing/ vegging the plants. and fish mix and bio bizz bloom. you will get great results using the bio bizz nutes. and there organic. 

the seaweed extract you may already have ? being gardeners and maybe fish mix, fish protein. 

you spray the plants with seaweed extract and water, with a little fish mix in, and they grow full of vigor, and a great healthy dark emerald green color to the girls. :punk:

2ml of seaweed per liter of water and feed, with 1ml of fish mix per liter of feed, or spray. does wonders for outdoor ganja. also i recommend fim/ pinching out the tops of the girls to get them growing bushy, sideways growth. as they can get 6 foot tall in a glasshouse very fast, they grow fast once there roots are well rooted out in the ground or in there big pots. 15l to 25 liter pots are perfect for growing nice bushys. 

i grow outdoors in my back garden, and fim/ top the plants all through veg, to make a multi top bush, about 4 feet tall, by 4 to 5 feet wide. with a good 30 to 40 tops on. 

that way you can grow very few plants, but get massive crops in from them. so if the law ever find them, youl get a caution at worst. as your only growing a few plants. 

anything more than 9 plants and your walking a stupid tightrope of a law. that says if you have more than 9 plants, its a next step up from a caution, slap on the wrists. lol 

but if you dont tell/ sell or smell as we say, youl grow it off the radar. and wont have to worry. i used a green netting to line my old greenhouse with so you couldn't see the big sensi leafs through the glass. or bubble wrap works a treat for inside the g/h if you have people round, or next door can see. :yinyang:

all the best with the grow.smokie1:skin_up:

edit to add spelling. smoking bubblehash has me in the realm. lol 




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Thanks for the advice, Smokie. The Mellow AK is a photoperiod strain - says 9-10 weeks on the packet, although she’s a bit behind (probably by a couple of weeks) due to me transplanting her when it was cold and overwatering at the same time - doh! My auto is also a few weeks behind due to the above reasons. I put them all in their final pots today because they were starting to get rooty- no doubt this might slow them down again (especially the auto - another lesson learned) but the weather looks pretty good this week so hopefully they’ll recover better than last time in April. They’re nearly four weeks old so fingers’ crossed.


I’ve got some of the Canna nitrogen and the fish bio bizz ready but not used them yet - is this something you recommend when they get to the flowering stage? They’ve all been repotted today in Canna Pro compost so probably won’t need any feed for a while. 


As as for topping, they haven’t quite reached the four node height yet but I was thinking of doing that when they got a bit taller (but not the auto - people have said not to top autos?)


I’ll try to set up a grow diary - it’ll be like going through therapy!! lol

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Belated welcome, best of luck with the greenhouse, Sounds like a really nice garden.


Guess with your bad back the hubby can attend to any lifting of soil to supplement the greenhouse.


Plenty of advice here so take the time to study greenhouse grows and you will find a lot of sterling advice that will help out no end.


Used to be difficult to grow out in a UK greenhouse, these days, with breeding techniques and a wealth of info, its actually pretty easy.


Not that much more difficult than tending to tomatoes to be honest.

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Thanks - with all this great weather we’ve had this month, the grow is going well. I’ve buggered up tomatoes in the past so I’m happy thegirls are still alive at the moment lol!

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I`m relatively close to you guys PermanentWaves (am I sensing a Rush fan there maybe?  The name and the Avatar got me wondering? :) ).  Seems like the moment you mentioned the weather the sun did a runner and we`re back to grey and humid.  Originally being from Manc I`m used to the former and the States got me used to the latter.  Anyways just chucking in a hello as we`re both kicking things off in the same timeframe and from the same area.


Speak again soon hopefully!  Be lucky! 

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Hey - well done with the Rush spot. Yes I’m a huge fan. If I manage to harvest anything this year, I’m really looking forward to listening to their stuff whilst smoking something relaxing! Sorry about jinxing the weather - it has been grey and miserable the past few days here as well, but at least it’s been mild, so not a complete disaster. Hoping the sun will help out our girls over the next few months :thumsup:

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