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ready to be chopped?

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Enjoy your fruits mate, I used to have bubblebags but some unprincipled feck stole them from me a few years back - my own fault for being too trusting but I still spew when  I think about it as they were a the genuine ones and not bloomin cheap. 


I'm with  you too on the loupe technicque - I've none (skills/technique) and been considering one of the clip on phone/tablet mics as i seem to see everything better on a the computer screen.


I started trimming fans thinking you can do that in advance of the proper cut, got half way through  and started getting paranoid about stem rot so decided what the feck we'll have the lot - empty jars really helped that decision too.


You're  off to a great start to for your next round - may the herb gods and goddess smile over your  future grows


take care

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