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OK, with my early auto's well underway (germinated on 1st March) it is now perfect time for me to start my main crop of auto's and see how much bigger they can get.


I am running:

2 x Dutch Passion Auto Daiquiri Lime

2 x Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

1 x Sagarmatha Auto Black Domina

2 x Dinafem Critical +2.0

2 x Dinafem Purple Afghan Kush


Here they are just popped into moist paper towels today inside a plastic takeaway container:



The Dinafem girls are entering the Dinafem Outdoor grow competition and their progress will be updated regularly in the competition diary here - 

I'll keep this diary just for the Auto's but the odd picture of the Dinafem photo-periods will appear from time to time.


Will update as soon as there is something to show.  Happy growing everyone...

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Day 2 1/2 and I have taken these seeds out of the airing cupboard and planted this morning into Plagron Light Mix.  I have not used it before but have heard it is good.


Here they all are on coming out this morning:



Brooklyn Sunrise:



Daiquiri Lime:



Black Domina:



And then all cosy in their pots under a propagator lid in the greenhouse:




Next update when sprouted...

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4 days since germination and 4 out of 5 are above the surface:




Daiquiri Lime's on the left.

Brooklyn Sunrise's on the right.

Black Domina in the middle, not popped up yet.


I have found the Black Domina slower to germinate that the Dutch Passion girls both times now.


More updates soon...

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Looking good so far brother, good luck I'll be following with interest.


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Well, I have made my first mistake of the year and I'm glad it has been right at the beginning as I correct easily by popping a few more seeds if needed.


It has been really hot in the greenhouse, about 35°C with the door and vents open and 2 fans on constantly while we have been having this sunshine.  I have then had my seedlings under a propagator lid that has kept in so much heat that my seeds / seedlings have cooked in there.  I touched the soil and it was hot.  I got my laser thermometer out and the soil was at 39°C.  Ouch...


The Dutch Passion seedlings that had surfaced now look very heat stressed and I'm not sure they will come back from this.  Still no sign of the Black Domina and I think that it has probably cooked in the soil.


I have now removed the propagator lid and will give them a couple of days to see if they start to grow again.  If not, I will have to pop some more seeds.


Here is the sorry looking picture:



I'll not make this mistake again.  We live and learn...


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Ok, they have had a few days and even though the 4 seedlings you can see above are still alive now, they haven't really done much and I don't want to pin all my seasons Auto hopes on them.  So, I have just popped 1 more seed of each variety into paper towel in the airing cupboard.


These just haven't had the perfect start that I think is needed for Auto's. I think they will probably pull though but yield will probably be significantly affected...

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I wouldn't give up just yet, it's still early days and they'll probably pull through with some love and care.


I know what you mean about hot in the greenhouse though, I got up a few days ago and opened the door like always first thing and the thermometer read 38c and it wasn't even 10 o'clock.



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2 out of the 3 seeds put into paper towel on Friday germinated really well in the airing cupboard and put out nice healthy tap roots.  I planted them into final pots in the greenhouse yesterday afternoon.


First we have the Auto Daiquiri Lime:



Next the Auto Black Domina:



And the 2 x 42 litre vegetable bags that they are growing in:



Hopefully these two plants can get really big in these big pots...

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Day 12 since the new seeds were germinated.  The Brooklyn Sunrise seed that never popped came good and is now in its 2nd and final pot.  I did have a heat stress casualty but 3 are still growing and I think will recover but they are growing slowly.


Daiquiri Lime:



Black Domina:



Brooklyn Sunrise:



The heat stressed crew in the black pots and the Brooklyn Sunrise in the brown pot:



I'm hoping that these 3 main auto's will give me a good harvest in August and should be quite a bit bigger that the early auto's I started 1st March which are just finishing up very nicely now.


Once the runts are put into final pots, I'll just make them fit into extra space in the greenhouse as it is going to be very full this year.  I really wish I could just plant them in the garden but unfortunately I can't get away with that.


Until next time... 

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