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Cream of the Crop - April 2018

Cream of the Crop - April 2018   173 members have voted

  1. 1. Please choose your favourite photo

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I've voted for Green Gremlin. That plant looks dark and mysterious.


Good effort across the board. Good luck to all.

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Thanks for the nomination :)


I'm going for Farmer's Psychosis x Animal Stomper. The purple tinge and trichs down the sides of the leaves look beaut.


All nice nominations as usual :yep:

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Lots of nice pics here. The milky trichs get my vote though.


Loving the macro shot mate. What type of magnifier are you using? I've got an old microscope that I use (I took my profile pic with it) but I struggle to get such a good focal range as you seem to have managed. Very nice.

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Thanks dude.

I don't use a magnifier, I bought a cheap Lens reversal ring for my DSLR. If you've not seen them, it screws into the filter thread on the lens and it's got the fitting for the camera body. So it fits the lens to the camera body back to front and magnifies the image. Only trouble is you can't focus the lens so it's a lot of messing about moving a tripod back and forwards to get it in focus. Needs a bit of patience lol


Your profile pic is cool mate, reminds me of the Lest we forget pics too, where the soldiers are silhouetting against the horizon :yep:

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