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hesi coco the orange label all in one


T5  4ft tubes
autopots 15l
Coco coir 50%
perlite 50%

I have two plants which are one-week old and are ready for first feed.
Has anybody ever tried hesi coco the orange label all in one, instead of a & b supplement. Because at the end of the day I just want to keep it simple
Am I right in saying I don't need ec meter.
I have got a blue lab pH pen., What I need advice on.
1. When a water plants do I give them about 60m of feed or do I feed until I have run off.
2. If I mix up a 2 L bottle of feed how long would that last before it goes off.
3. And what is the best pH target to aim for and nutriment to start with and do I feed on every time I water.
hesi comes in hard water or soft water would that make a big difference because at the moment I don't know what my tapwater is.

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Why u using 50% perlite??? It's not needed, just takes up coco space what your roots could be growing in. Never used hesi nutes so can't really help u there. Feed nutes every feed start off 1/4 strength and build it up from there, ph wants to be in between 5.8 and 6.2. Depending what pot size there in feed till run off if there only in say a litre pot anything bigger then just feed a little until pots rooted out. Hope this is helpful, water temps want to be about 22oc too.

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