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ape shit........or bust!!!!

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about time I got this diary going.... @panik:notworthy::cheers:

Plan is was to grow 6 (3 of each) in 1 x 200ltr no=till pot/bed but as there were 7(lucky omens everywhere;)) of the zkittzo's so....

I'm now gonna grow 7 plants - 4 x zkittzo's + 3 x lemonade og's in 1.2m2 ish



my usual bean popping technique;

soak beans in minimal amount of warm water for a couple of hours to bring up to temp after being stored in the fridge, and to soften them up a bit then straight into pellets which have been pre-soaked in warm water, aloe and a little TNC MycorrMax 1cm ish down. I always add the water that the seeds were pre-soaked in as I don't want to lose any of the enzymes that seeds produce/release at the moment of germination if that happened which it shouldn't have done yet in the couple of hours...blah blah blah.... 

and then labelled wrongly by my other half:wallbash:

into a prop, lid on at 24c ish on Tuesday 24th April...


2 day's later Thursday 26th lid still on, just off for pics....6 stirrers 



DAY 2 

100% germ only zkittzo #2 needed a little help with her cap....opened vents on prop....


DAY 4 lid off and lift off....


Put them under a t5 yesterday then 2x t5's today a 125cfl tomorrow to build up to planting them straight into their final 200ltr home under a 400mh on Friday ish 

any eagle eye's may have noticed a bubba's gift bean in the first pic...same treatment, still a no-show......i'll leave it at that for now...:g:

Plan is to veg under the 400mh for 6-8 weeks then flower under a 600hps but there is some cross over from other cmh lights in the groom




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Great start mate good luck ill be watching :yep: 

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wed 2nd may day 7 


Friday 5th may

new home all prepped with a top-dressing of kelp, e.w.c., alfalfa, neem powder, fresh comfrey, fresh nettles, rice hulls, last run's trimmings and a few more cover crop seeds...


Lemonade og 1                                                                                                           2                                                                                     3



Zkittzo#1                                                 #2                                                          #3                                                        #4


all in and watered....


and under a 400mh 

checked them this morning and they're all still alive, happy days....

Botanical tea(water, e.w.c. + molasses, bubbled for 24hrs) tonight to give the soil a boost..

till next time:smokin:

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week 2 Veg


temps 26-33c

humidity has been low so have been spraying down 2-3 times a day.

Soil has had crushed malted barley watered in with aloe and fulvic acid mineral drops.

got some more predator mites coming soon as, just to keep on top of any nastyies. 

group pic to get us started....


All standing up straight and onto their 3/4 set of leaves.

cover crop is coming on well too, got some hairy vietch coming through along with 3-4 different clovers and hopefully some alfalfa but haven't seen these yet.


Lemonade og 1                                                     2                                                                         3



Zkittzo 1                                                                2                                                                        3


and the leader so far zkittzo #4



overall its been a hot week but all is well in the jungle....

till next time :smokin:


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week 3 Veg


had a bit of a mishap....chopped the lemonade og #2 by accident whilst trimming the clover :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:

Anyway 6 girls left and growing well, Zkittzo #1 has slightly mutated(bit twisty and sort of variegated) leaves but I think it should grow out, I hope.....


Lemonade og#1                                                                                                      #3


Zkittzo #1                                                                        #2                                                                                   #3


and #4 still leading the pack..


Apart from my fuckup all settled in now and I expect some fast growth coming up.

till next time:smokin:




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Looking nice and healthy fella. On my current grow I let the cover crop grow in a lot more than usual and the VPD has been spot on throughout right at canopy level. I too add the seedlings very young - despite every dire warning they seem to do absolutely fine in no-till soils without burning. Gutted about the accidental trim, but I'm sure they'll fill the gap, and the worms get an expensive treat! I use a big pair of wallpaper scissors to chop mine back and have accidentally cut through dripper tubes twice and taken out a couple of side branches. Yet to snip a whole one though. Trouble is, mowing the cover crop is tempting when you are stoned!


One time it got so dense with all 4 pots I actually used my strimmer in the room post chop. Saved me a lot of time but didn't half make a mess.

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week 4 Veg


After last weeks fuckup all the girls have picked up and started to fly now.

temps 25-30c + humidity has risen to around 65% from me spraying twice a day, should keep rising now there's some greenery going on.

Soil was sprinkled with freshly ground malted barley and watered in with aloe, soap nuts and some silica. the solution was also used to foliar feed/spray.

Lemonade og#1                                                                                       


Lemonade og#3








Zkittzo#4 enjoying centre stage

group; log's back left and back right


Gonna give them at least another 3 weeks veg with a little bondage here and there to fill the space.



2 hours ago, FarmerPalmersNT said:

One time it got so dense with all 4 pots I actually used my strimmer in the room post chop. Saved me a lot of time but didn't half make a mess.

I thought I was crazy about my lazy but this made me laugh(and think;))

Fiskars are so damn sharp plus its all green:rofl:

till next time :smokin:



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Hello buddy13, liking your growing method, This is all new to me.  Plants looking green and healthy too.


Nice job. Looking forward as this progress





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I’ve  always wondered whats the benefits of having all that vegetation growth with your plants?

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helps with humidity but mostly they pull nitrogen from the air and once chopped, or die back naturally from lack of light, the nitrogen goes into the soil and feeds the plants :)

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on with week 5 veg

temps 25-32c

humidity 55-80%

They had a Kelp, soap nut, neem powder and fresh aloe leaf foliar and soil drench.

girls are really flying now

Lemonade og#1


Lemonade og#3










group, with Zkittzo#4 centre stage


They will get a treat of charge/frass watered in with coconut water and silicon tonight before some light bondage commences this week:chains:.

2 weeks tops before flip...

till next time :smokin:




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Looking lush fella. Charging ahead!

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After a little re-think from looking back at the previous run and how quick these girls are growing think I'm going to flip sooner rather than later; sometime this week I think:woot:

might even make them an ewc and molasses tea as a treat:yep:

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Girls have gotten very chunky over the last week with some rapid growth so time's up, 4.5 weeks  veg I think?

Switch time; 

cuttings have been taken of all the girls.

lights have just gone off till 7pm tomorrow, to give them a good hormonal flowering boost

I will also switch on another 2 315 cmh's in the groom which will give these girls some extra supplemental lighting  :thumsup:

Will be leaving the 600mh(not sure if I mentioned earlier-needed the 400 bulb for another groom a couple weeks back so...) in for another week then switch to 600 hps.

some pics...

Lemonade og#1


Lemonade og#3 both quite similar for now....


Zkittzo #1


Zkittzo #2 (runty)


Zkittzo #3


Zkittzo #4 have been taking off the fans from the leader regularly but have stopped now. Has grown so differently than the others, could just be from being in the middle of the pot...




not sure if the thrips are making a come back with the help of all the new growth or if the small signs are just the last of them but will be getting some more predators in soon as just in case.

over than that all looking nice and healthy and ready to show me the goods:boxing:







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day 8 12/12


weeks gone fast, not much to report, temps- stable 23-30c humidity- 65-85% stretch- manageable so far. Budlets starting to form, happy days:yep:

Lemonade og#1


Lemonade og#3


l og 1+3


Zkittzo #1


Zkittzo #2


Zkittzo #3


Zkittzo #4 aka the Christmas tree




Still got a bit of head room to play with but hope they slow down soon.

Really looking forward to seeing how these turn out as a group, they look like 1 big bush:thisbig:

will be switching to the 600hps tomorrow and starting a gradual underskirt trim lasting a week or so.

on another note, the cuttings I took 7 days ago, both the lemonade og's were first to show roots(4 days, fastest I've ever seen:thumsup:) of all these and many other cuttings I took on the same day. Now potted up into 50/50 Irish moss peat/ ewc. 


Can only be a good sign:taz:

till next time Gorillaz…...


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