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A Real Macganja Gorilla Grow

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So just to round up... 


DFG smoke report... 


First off I haven't smoked all phenos.... 

So I am going off one pheno... The fastest lemon pheno... 


Could be very good but the trim job I did wasn't great... 1 pheno is more airy than the other... But either way not fussed.. 


Grinding up up smells sweet like lemonade.... 


Nice smoke... Not a typical dank smell... Happily walked to the shops smoking it... 


Great buzz.... Solid.... After the first joint.. How it was going to effect you... How much you could take.... It was a  very leveling/ comforting kind of high... But I knew after a few hours I would operational...having said that I played RDR2 high.... On this weed... and lost a fair few hours and halfed my wealth and put my bounty through the roof in multiple states... I had to re start from another save point before I got high... lol

 All in all this strain is a great weed....... 

This strains provides literally amazing amounts of weed... So much so I don't want to advertise how much.... It's nuts.... Massive yield... Great Stone... No mold... 




Thanks @panik for the opportunity to grow your strains.....they are truly worth it! I would recommend it to anyone.... :yep::cowboy:


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Thanks mate great review thanks for taking the time and glad you enjoyed growing them , you done a fine job,.. :yep: 

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