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Seedsman Indoor Contest (Vertical) Girl scout Crack, Candy Cream, and Blueberry.

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Thanks my friend , yes very vigorous healthy plants , thank you. 

Vey very happy with these. Growing like fuck and all have responded really well to pinching out. 






The growth rate has jumped up a notch and ive got side shoots now taller than the main stem that was pinched out. 

Perfect for what I want . Soon I will get some more wires on them and open them up a bit to put them a bit flatter onto the wall and expose the middle of the plant to light. 



Still all very manageable tho at the moment . I'm not worried about running out of room yet but I have a couple of months yet and I may have to do a bit of pruning. 

over and out for another week. 


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Great up.. all looking fine.. good work.. :bong:

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Looking nice, interesting use of space...:oldtoker:

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On ‎14‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 3:53 PM, Marthur Ix said:

Looking nice, interesting use of space...:oldtoker:

Cheers Marthur , yes its a funny shaped low ceiling space, but its mine and I own the house so no landlords or interruptions. 



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Another week of beautiful growth from these girls.

The corner is Blueberry, the Middle is Candy Cream, then Girl Scout Crack. 

The Girl Scout Crack has gone mental putting out nice growing tips all over the show. Developing a mature trunk to her as well and generally reaching proper maturity and growing full pelt. 






When growing around a vertical bulb, unless you have a round room then the corners are always gonna be a bit of a problem. 

Only a week or 2 ago the Blueberry was the biggest plant until it went into the corner , now its the smallest. 

So I know she is being shaded a bit by the 2 other seedsman plants to her right and the fast growing Bubba Kush to her right. 




So what I did was chop a little from the surrounding plants to give her a bit of room and more importantly got a yo yo on her and pulled her forwards into the light more. 



Now with her main tip pulled over she can bush upwards . 






I also gave the other plants a bit of a stripping , and put a few wires on them to open them up a bit and get them a bit flatter against the wall. 



I also stripped out some of the lower stuff. 




Ive been pinching out them all and they bounce back within a day or 2, giving me perfect new shoots every time. 

The Girl scout Crack has had it the most as she is growing the fastest . 



This one was a harsh pinching almost decapitation , 2 days later she has repaired herself and not even slowed down. 




That's it for another week. 

Im looking forwards to flowering these three girls. 

The other room is now 4 weeks flowering so that's gonna be chopped at 10 weeks. Then a week or 2 drying and I can kick this one off , after ive moved out any vegging strains I wanna keep. 

So that is 8 weeks now, of topping , training and defoiling. 

till next week


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good work.. all looking nice, It is always interesting to see the incidence of light depending on the configuration of the plants...

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Another week of lovely growth .

The corner plant has been pulled forwards with a yo yo to pull it into the circle of light.

I think the corner plants are gonna need this doing to them as the side plants cant help shading it. 




This is working well I think on both sides. 

I will just have to be creative in filling my weird shaped  room lol.



This effect of being pulled forwards and low down, works well as the plant can then grow upwards and generally has much better light. 

Its doesn't affect the neighbouring plants because they are tall and growing high . 



Then the Candy Cream next door to the right is looking strong and her main stem is just about to hit the roof. 

Again on the right is Girl Scout Crack 



Ive got a few more wires on them and done a tiny defoil and removal of a few key branches so to flatten them a bit . 



What I will probably do when im 4 weeks  away from the flip is go right round this room and do some topping of 3 or 4 inches of the tallest stuff.

This will force a mass of lower shoots to grow up and within the 4 weeks the plant will have bounced right back and be a bit shorter but more bushy and mainly multiple colas .



I really think if left alone these plants will wanna grow in a single colas type way . Even tho ive been pinching out madly , they still really want to continue with that fat dominant main stem . I don't really want that but multiple , layered colas , different heights and fat from the back to the front. 

All tickety boo lol


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Here we are another week of good growth as the temps crank up im having 27 28 in this room but they are getting loads of airflow and doing well. 

Here is the corner , where the Blueberry is really the furthest from the bulb and she is pulled forwards with a yo yo so she is almost laying down lol. 

But now she is growing upwards again along her length. 



She has been pulled forwards as I said and next door is the Candy cream that ive started pulling a few of her shoots down as well and attaching to the pot. 



You see here the corner Blueberry has no height like the 2 next door , Candy Cream and Girl Scout Cookie. 



With the clone I had sitting in front of it out the way you can see the corner Blueberry bent over with a yo yo . 



That is her main trunk pulled over at a near 90 degree angle. 



Ive started to do it to all of them now as these other 2 are on the roof and I find they grow slower when thy are in contact with the slant. 

I intend to get both of the main trunks of the other 2 pulled over this coming week so they can bush up and grow new shoots all along the main trunk . 



They all react lovely to pinching out, have a look at the tallest shoot and the fat pinch out Zone. Above it she has just multi branched. 

When that top is pulled over and held in place at the pot they will all grow upwards and ill pinch them all out and they will branch again. 




Of course the low shoots that were created a good few pinchings ago lol, have grown up and they are easily pulled down and secured to the pot. 



Her is that shoot , bent down and attached in place. 



More stuff pulled down and held at the pots. 



This was the Blueberry that I did first , as I said and she has been laying down for a good few weeks now. 



It gets her more light and you see she is starting to grow or bush up once more towards the ceiling . 

My room is quite wide but low, so I want these plants to end up around a foot from the bulbs during actual budding . 



Girl Scout Cookie will be bending over by next week. 



I cant wait to see these flower as this branching and multi cola is just what I want . 

Masses of budsites is what they are giving me. 



Over and out for another week. 



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i love how you adapt to your space ..they shot up and out alright for ya too ..nice .

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Cheers vince mate. 

I've been at them  bit more trying to get them bent over a bit more. 

You have to adapt and overcome when you have a loft like mine brother. 

Bloody hot one today wernt it


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yeahh. a lot work guiding.. all looking nice.. good job!!

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Well what a week with temps! 

This heatwave is mental where I live in the south east. 

Generally I've been having 30 to 33 right at the top of the room and 28 29 halfway up the room on either side. 

Its a bit worrying and if I was growing horizontal , plenty of plants would be suffering the dreaded crispiness lol. 

As it happens I'm seeing hardly any signs of heatstess in this room at all. 

In fact it seems to have sped up their growth rates. 


The Blueberry in the corner , and to her right Candy Cream 




Ive managed to get 90 percent of these three pulled over just like this , the candy cream . Most of her is bent in half and you can see they have started growing up again. Ive left a little bit of her at the back. 



To the right the Girl Scout Cookie is no longer so tall lol as she has been completely bent over . 



The Blueberry you can see is doing well laying down ,i left the tall bit of Candy Cream so to give Blueberry a bit of room. 



All three of them pulled over and starting to bush out the top. 



If you can see the bit of green wire that is holding down the main stem of the Girl Scout Cookie. 



These tops were all at the top last week and now they are all attached to the pots. 



I am probably 5 weeks away from flowering looking at the other room. 

If I had a small clone room , that I may end up with I could flip this lot now and get the clones out as they are more than ready.

Im sure when I get to the end of flowering I will have used every inch of available space. 

over and out 


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Another week of silly temps, they often have been getting to 30 outside and air im pulling in from a shaded bedroom is often 27 ish this week .

Touch wood in this room the plants are dealing with it quite well and in fact have increased their growth rate considerably.

Firstly in the corner is the Blueberry pulled over  




The top is now pulled over remember and now these new shoots have grown back in the space I created. 





This is the top of the plant pulled over and you can see the growth is lush. 



Now a few weeks later everything that was pulled over is now starting to grow back towards the sky. These will be pinched out now and give me more growing tips. 



Next ones along are Candy Cream and this one Girl scout Crack . 

Girl Scout Crack is turning into a big girl and even tho she has been pulled over still she smashes it all over the shop. 



Slightly to the left The candy cream is looking better and is slightly less dominant but doing well. 



Just perfect growth from these three , I have to say. 



Soon I will have to get the scissors out I thing and give all of these three a decent mass topping and take a good 3 or 4 inches off the top.

As soon as im 2 weeks out from flowering I will start chopping heads off so the stretch is forced to be used for new shoots. 



Healthy and no sign of heat stress. 



I am getting excited about seeing these girls flower, it wont be long. 



Over and out for now


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its a jungle !

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I know mate I have to admit my bottle is shaking a bit lol. 

Mid week I switched off the 400 and went with the 250 for slightly slower growth lol. 

Its gonna go mad when I flip , I think I will have to be a bit brutal with the old scissors or I wont be able to get in the room mate. 


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