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Seedsman Indoor Contest (Vertical) Girl scout Crack, Candy Cream, and Blueberry.

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Thanks my friend , yes very vigorous healthy plants , thank you. 

Vey very happy with these. Growing like fuck and all have responded really well to pinching out. 






The growth rate has jumped up a notch and ive got side shoots now taller than the main stem that was pinched out. 

Perfect for what I want . Soon I will get some more wires on them and open them up a bit to put them a bit flatter onto the wall and expose the middle of the plant to light. 



Still all very manageable tho at the moment . I'm not worried about running out of room yet but I have a couple of months yet and I may have to do a bit of pruning. 

over and out for another week. 


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Great up.. all looking fine.. good work.. :bong:

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Looking nice, interesting use of space...:oldtoker:

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On ‎14‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 3:53 PM, Marthur Ix said:

Looking nice, interesting use of space...:oldtoker:

Cheers Marthur , yes its a funny shaped low ceiling space, but its mine and I own the house so no landlords or interruptions. 



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Another week of beautiful growth from these girls.

The corner is Blueberry, the Middle is Candy Cream, then Girl Scout Crack. 

The Girl Scout Crack has gone mental putting out nice growing tips all over the show. Developing a mature trunk to her as well and generally reaching proper maturity and growing full pelt. 






When growing around a vertical bulb, unless you have a round room then the corners are always gonna be a bit of a problem. 

Only a week or 2 ago the Blueberry was the biggest plant until it went into the corner , now its the smallest. 

So I know she is being shaded a bit by the 2 other seedsman plants to her right and the fast growing Bubba Kush to her right. 




So what I did was chop a little from the surrounding plants to give her a bit of room and more importantly got a yo yo on her and pulled her forwards into the light more. 



Now with her main tip pulled over she can bush upwards . 






I also gave the other plants a bit of a stripping , and put a few wires on them to open them up a bit and get them a bit flatter against the wall. 



I also stripped out some of the lower stuff. 




Ive been pinching out them all and they bounce back within a day or 2, giving me perfect new shoots every time. 

The Girl scout Crack has had it the most as she is growing the fastest . 



This one was a harsh pinching almost decapitation , 2 days later she has repaired herself and not even slowed down. 




That's it for another week. 

Im looking forwards to flowering these three girls. 

The other room is now 4 weeks flowering so that's gonna be chopped at 10 weeks. Then a week or 2 drying and I can kick this one off , after ive moved out any vegging strains I wanna keep. 

So that is 8 weeks now, of topping , training and defoiling. 

till next week


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good work.. all looking nice, It is always interesting to see the incidence of light depending on the configuration of the plants...

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