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Best Drippers

What is the best drippers to use, 

Inline ones or end ones, 

I'm growing in coco in 4 pots on a Wilma type system. I managed 2 successful grows using the recommended Wilma blue drippers but because they are spiked ones that poke into the coco, they would block up with fibres too often so I've changed to using the little red/Orange end drippers  (2 per pot = 8 in total) 

What I would like to ask is about ways of stopping the drippers from collecting crap inside from the salts etc in feeds. 

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Why not just run without the drippers, and use the feed pipe.

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As above. I use the blue flood drippers and I never have a blockage with them? If they're getting salty its probably because of overfeeding and underwatering! 

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