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Portable dry herb vape

Hi all,


Looking to stop smoking joints and get a dry herb vape. I always like to shop local if I can and support local businesses but in this case they may just not be able to offer me what I want.


I had narrowed it down to the Boundless cfx, gets good reviews and looks the part. Can get it for around £125 delivered next day/£120 with a few day delivery but a few days would be an 8th gone in joints. I then went into my local smoke shop and the guy suggested a jomotech dvape which I'm sure they just buy in from china anyway.  He offered me this at £39.95 which is obviously a huge difference in price but then the two devices are different. 


The jomotech has a ceramic chamber and 5 heat settings. Bowl is 0.5g capacity and battery is around 90 mins. 


My question is, am I best off just going straight for the boundless or shall I start with this cheaper offering? 



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started using a boundless last year, smoking bubblehash was hurting my chest, the boundless worked a treat I can smoke hash or dry great stone no cough.

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I have given the cfx a fair bit of abuse for over a year and its still going strong. Works really well with the water attachment too. I just had a quick google of the dvape and it looks just like the old g pens which never satisfied me as an ex smoker. 



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though its not on your list i can recommend a dynavap M.  needs a lighter but comes closer to the lighting something joint(ish) size... feels familiar...


tastes fantastic and does. the. job. ;)


good luck whatever you choose...



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