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G_selecta: 707 Headband, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Chemdawg// Fems

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39 minutes ago, Cantharellus said:

Looking forward to seeing this.

Thanks mate! Welcome at board! 


As promised here is a pic at their 4th week from germination




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Here a couple better pics




Have a good smoke :hippy:




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From what I can see you have one very healthy looking tent :)


Plants look in tip top shape. Growing well at the 4 week mark ;)


This is most definitely going to one fun flower show  :yep:


Thanks for the update mate I'll drop back in on the next  ;)


Until then keep up the great work!


Kind regards  :headbang:



Edited by HSO-Mark
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Thanks for stopping by Mark! Hope you're doing well now! :rockon:




Going to update now then, got weekly news

Two days ago I transplanted all the ladies on their final 7 litres pot. They really needed it as roots were starting to overgrow the bottom of the pot. 

Here before the transplant



Here Blue Dream roots, others were about the same, little over?! :mmmmmmm:



Here after transplant and topping for all of them apart for a Chemdawg that I may leave untrained cause she was very low



I am very happy so far with them, healty and nice green, just 2 Chemdawg in the middle have some little sign of interveinal clorosis that I think it might be caused by too long time in small size pot. Hopefully it will just disappear once they get comfortable on their new boots. 


I'll wait few days just to see everyplant clearly restarting their growth, then flowering 'em. Theres a warm hps waiting for them :toldya:



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