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cheers @panik, i went down in the dark with the better camera to work some flash magic...




you know the mighty gold panik, you can prolly tell the pheno - what do you think regarding time till completion. three weeks, four? any guestimates welcome. shes really a beast...


over at the big big plot earlier tonight...




on the left, mighty gold. more like the broken bitch at the tracks, more lemony sweet smell and fluffy bud structure...




next to her a fine DFG, feelin @MacGanja trying to get those pink/purple hues pictured. it kinda comes through...




the dfg seems a bit slow, but maybe cause the MG is so damn fast...


over at the little big plot, the other MG and DfG




another mighty fine mighty gold




and the other dfg. grows like a fucking claw this plant, grasping up with savage desire to LIVE! a step ahead of her sister, but just as pinkurple




and that mighty gold again



and a group shot with a lanky not yet flowering easy sativa lurking in the background like a flat chested lady at a big titty convention...




plants just starting to yellow lower down, else wise beautiful deep green. 50 litres of organic soil improver and a few handfulls of Q4 is what all plots are running on. might need to topdress as there is a shit ton of rain forecast...


to my eye they'll all be ready before end of september, but wizened opinions welcomed.


gotta say, RGSC guerrilla people all seem to be smashing it this year. sunny days y'all...




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yours are looking finger looking good 

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down at the trax the mighty golds are entering the home straight...


the bent over broke back bitch is a bushy baby...




still 2 or 3 weeks left. very open airy buds, lots of leaf.i would guess this is a more sativa/less auto pheno. her sister is the other way round...




just dense wodges of bud nuggetry!




leaves were starting to yellow last time. couple of heavy rain days and its deep green all over. reckoning lots of Q4 in the ground became suddenly accessible... 


a couple of lower branches have been "tactically removed" (Hacked off/flash dried/smoked) and its very promising. a branch or two more will be removed thursday or friday then the rest will wait a week. my old mans coming for a visit and were gonna do a bit of harvesting together - father/son bonding shit. thats why some buds coming off early, so hes got something to smoke when he gets here... lol




hey, remember this snapped DFG?




now its this!




not bad considering it was but a stump with a tiny leaf or two. here is the group shot!



and who can we just barely see in background?



the other snapped dfg also regrows, but with an ever increasing light deficit brought about by her monsterous sisters. regardless, shes budding up...



so, the beginning of harvest season looms. better sort out some drying boxes...




thanks for dropping in, happy growing all...





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Looking good mate , the MightyGold can tend to throw out that leafy pheno , BUT the other solid pheno are the ones to look out for and a pleasure to have , early solid performers , and looks like you have a goodun there , 


just love to to see how hardy MJ is like that snapped DFG bouncing back some people don’t realise how forgiving these plants can be , 


enjoy your father / son trim day mate be lucky...

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thank you the @panik man, the resilience of canna is incredible, and these specimens are particularly fine examples. thanks again for the beans, mighty gold is looking to be a steadfast yearly inclusion in my "definitely must grow" choice box. so ill be back for more, as well as others... ;) 


the other two mighty gold ive got rockin are not quite as leafy as the broke back bush, nor quite as solid as the wodge nugget plant. small due to lack of rain or much watering on my part, really enjoyed the recent rains. the whole plot did really...


first mighty gold in the big big plot




2 or 3 weeks? i dunno what the usual cooked by date of this pheno is. probably cut the top buds first and give the lower branches another few weeks...


beside it - DFG slowly beefing up...





here they are with some flourishing Mr. Nice walk about which are of no relevance here, but they also look pretty..




in the background we see the little big plot




Mighty gold i front, DFG in back



more mighty gold, also more leafy than nugggy, but if it fills jars and gets me high then im all good with it...



and the bigger more developed DFG.. lookin damn fine. 5 or 6 weeks im guessing...




i gave all plants a top dressing of Q4 a week or so before the big rains and it seems to be all that needs done really. what effortless beautiful early plants. im made up. :)


hope some of the above mighty golds are also ready for "bring yer dad to harvest" day lol


thanks for looking in, grow well and prosper...







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went to take some early lower branches for the old man, found one of the main heads had a bit of a funny colour.






so the whole branch was removed, along with two skinny buds from the bottom of the plant...






not much got with photographic apparatus but tried to catch how sparkly these buds are, still a week away from being good...



the high, even when greatly diminished from flash drying, is intense... a fine omen. 


real harvest picks next, inshallah....


cheers y'all




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Gutted about the rot mate, but the weather, here at least, has been shit for any nearly finished plants. 

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'safuckin piss take bee, innit?


are your plants in veg? heres 3 months of full volume sunshine with zero rain!


oh, are they mid flowering now? heres weeks of cloud with much rain followed by minimal wind! you're welcome!


im amazed at how little brot there is and has been. that nug, a tiny wee speck on the same plant and a simillar wee speck on another mighty gold is all so far. and that nearly done mighty gold is DENSE. like a dwarf star...


hardly ideal, but hardly worth bitching about.


'snature of the game, innit? 

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Ha ha ha I know how you feel, cept it's worse here. 


Found a couple of specks of rot on a dfg last visit, after this shit we been having I'm gonna have to get back there with the scissors chopping rotten buds out :(

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yo, been a bit...



father son harvest day was not to be as the mould monster was only accelerating, so the big fat mighty gold came down the penultimate day of august. lost maybe 3 - 5% to brot. no pictues of the plant pre harvest, but afterward most of it looked like this...  




and some was hanging too. its been drying and is now smokeable and pretty heavy duty re: effect. wake and bake with this at your peril...


so that came down and pops came to visit then left, then we left for a week. there was the beginnings of brot on the other mighty golds before i left, so i too some sample colas (just incase) left the rest and this morning returned to this...




the mighty gold was mostly intact, mostly...



the first DFG seems to have accelerated in the absence. 



the other Mighty Gold and DFG



bit harder hit by the brot beast



this fuckin DFG though..




so both the golds came down. only the broke back bitch to go. she is as yet unmoulded and lookin very fine. the other two twhough...



so thats 3 of 4 MGs down. DFGs look like another month or so. my drying boxes and bags are all full. 


result! :) 






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down by the trax things have moved around a bit during the absence...



the big ducth passion durban had conked over with the wind and its weight, ripping the steak out with it. restaked it but it needs a bit more attention. some stem on it.



but its not RGSC, so fuck it.


the broke back bitch is resplendent...








leafy as fuck, but greasy with resin...


the DFGs are doing their best to do something...



and the wee one at the back. awww...




the harvested mighty gold still has nuggets of joy to deliver




thinking the end of the week for the broke back, once  have some space in the drying boxes. the trichs are mostly milky with a few clear, so ready when ever. 


@panik how long do you reckon for the DFGs in the post above this one? i saw you said they finish pretty fast?


thanks for checking in. grow forth and prosper... 





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Some absolutely cracking plants there mate... And some awesome pictures... Really awesome... Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with this diary... Good luck taming the rest of your monsters! :yep:

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On 9/18/2018 at 0:48 AM, MacGanja said:

Some absolutely cracking plants there mate... And some awesome pictures... Really awesome... Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with this diary... Good luck taming the rest of your monsters! :yep:



Cheers MacG, our plants are doin alright, right? :)


said farewell to this monster yesterday, or was it the day before... ? (this mighty gold is rather potent, and i have a LOT.)


goodbye you big knuckle bitch, you hairy beast, you magnificent survivor...



i left at least an ounce of semi airbud on her and what i did take home fills more drying space than the other two recently harvested plants combined. so, simply said, she was fucking ENORMOUS! 


last group shot



this dfg at the front is moving fast. (does the flowering process speed up with the decreasing light? we are pitch black by 8.30 here and all the plants seem to have kicked up a notch)




giving it GAS. DFG may well stand for Dat Fuckin Growth!


@panik oi panik, oi! :)


please sir, what would be your expert guess for these two finishing?







and DFG 2




what you reckon panik? 


the smell is intense, like shoe polish and sugar, zesty, bitter sweet, the kind of smell that no matter how long ad slow and deep you inhale you feel just on the edge of getting what it is, but never quite getting it. like inside a new car thats parked in a candy floss factory. something about industrial cleaner and sweetness. 


plant 1 is only now starting to show yellowing round the tips, but otherwise they green and healthy and mould free (touches wood) and delicious smelling.


cant wait for them to be ready! :yes:


thanks for lookin in, happy harvest days!




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Hmm, nice buds. You gonna push them to finish fully? 

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@tsk top work mate :yep:   i love the pink pistelled DFG's!!


Good luck with the rest.

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