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Hippie on hill

420 Sales

It's the most wonderful time of the year .................. :wassnnme:


Vapefiend are doing 20% off Dynavap, Arizer and Puffco and have some other discounts in store 

Attitude are doing a seed bundle  ....


Dynavap are having a promo week with 20% off and free shipping, and daily 12 hour giveaway deals (buy x and get Y as well), and 4 x 20 min deals that will be announced live tomorrow in their weekly webcast (I think lol).

It's all very confusing but what I have gathered is that the daily deals stay at whatever price you put them in your cart until the 23rd (even if the offer has ended) so you can keep adding the daily deals and checkout when you're ready. The 20 min deals need to be checked out in that 20 min slot tho, which may fck with your plans after reading the last line lol




Any more????


What you buying? :)


I've just received some very cheap Dynavap M18s and I'm on the list for a Splinter from RBT (who I've just learnt are knocking off 25% for 420 :yahoo:) and a Stempod so I don't NEED anything else, altho I nearly pulled the trigger on a Flowerpot from Vapefiend yesterday cos it was cheap :D 

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One thing to bear in mind if ordering direct from the US is that you will get stung for customs tax. I learnt this after ordering. I couldn't resist. They look like the perfect vape for out and about!!

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Good point 

When I order from Dynavap in America I usually get charged 20% tax on the order + an £8 admin fee by Royal Mail for the privilege



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once I realised a portable vape needed lots of charging for regular usage I set my mind on a volcano, cant afford to just buy it so I started to put a few bob away each month, was magic to see the 420 sale price at £256, so i'm robbing peter to pay paul to save £44, should have it by next week.

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@hash72 have a look at the e-nano if it's not too late!

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You made a wise choice, there is something special about the Volcano, not many products I can think of that are still able to hold their own against the very latest tech after what 18 years!


Think about it - car-bike-phone-TV-computer...etc etc.


Its an extraordinary thing.

The period between purchase and delivery is always difficult but you’ve got something to look forward to;)


About the Volcano from another thread;


The black stuff/reclaim, is very nice rolled into a ball and fired through a bong. Doesn't have the nice hash taste but certainly has an effect, would suggest you scrape and save it up;-) 


Noticed a number of posters are also Volcano owners. When I first got the Mighty the Volcano was retired for some time, considered selling it. Decided to drag the old girl (Volcano) out for a nostalgia run and was pleasantly surprised.


The Volcano gets you higher, or should I say, gets me higher! The same herb produces a higher high than when run through the Mighty,


Its not neccesarily a stronger effect but if you imagine a scale from totally monged to soaring high, the Volcano takes you higher on the same green, for those of us that prefer to switch off, rather than on, the Mighty's effect may be preferred but I reckon most of us want at times to be monged and at other times awakened.


I now use the Volcano as a treat/at weekends but will not part with it. I am not sure why the effect is different, same herb, same amount, same temperature. I can only put it down to delivery, the bags do cool the vape above and beyond what a water attachment can achieve (have tried Budgie and water adaptor on full Bong set up).


I won't be parting with the Volcano, not many products that can't be conclusively beaten despite being over a decade old design. Love the Mighty but the Cano takes you higher...dun tun tarra tare ta dun dun....and so on and so forth, see if I had been on the Mighty I couldnee be arsed to write the tune as well;-)


Mighty owners with a Volcano gathering dust, give the old girl another run, you may fall in love again and there Is surely fewer finer things in life than that!


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