New Strains and Some Old Favourites, 8 Plant Multistrain Dinafem Adventure.

By Smokebelch in Dinafem Seeds 2017-2018 Grow Diaries,
Hi folks and welcome to my first Dinafem only multistrain diary, I did a multistrain diary in here last year but there were only 3 Dinafem plants in the grow as I had some strains from other breeders as well.   This time I am doing only Dinafem strains, the grow will be 8 plants and I plan on veging them up nice and big and hopefully end up with some big and heavy monster plants.   I will be doing two each of the new purple genetics Purple Moby Dick and The Purps#1 and one each of Dinachem, Remo Chemo, Strawberry Amnesia and Diesel.   I will update later today with some more info about my set up and plans for this grow and also why I have chosen these strains.    It it should be lots of fun and I am sure there will plenty of ups and downs along the way.    
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