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New compost grower, advice appreciated

Evening my fellow 420’ers. I’m just about to undertake my first compost grow and was after a few pointers. Growing in an outdoor shed, in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent, insulated round the tent. 600watt hps, 6” extraction, 5” intake. After growing in nft for the last few years I’ve encountered serious issues so want to try something a bit more basic. My local grow shop has pm and biobizz compost, and a variety of nutes available. What compost would you all recommend? Also any specific nutes I should use or should be avoiding? Also what pot sizes should I be buying? Looking at three girls in there, maybe one more or less, and would ideally like to fill as much of the available space as poss. Also is it like nft regarding ec? If so then that’s fine I know the crack with that. Is it best to germinate straight in the pots or could I use the small rock wool cubes I have already? I think that’s it for now, though I’ll inevitably come up with more questions!! Thanks in advance for any replies, learning is the way to success, and there’s no better place to ask than on here. 

Thanks again.


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Great sage equal of heaven?


When I made the switch I started with Plagron light mix, organic grow, bloom and fishmix. I went onto making my own soil and all sorts of fucking about but I'm pretty much back to the basics again. Many growers use regular compost. I've not used PM soil but I do use the OT organic grow and bloom and it works for me.  If you use organic soil and organic nutes there's no ec or ph'ing you just use un-chlorinated tap water and water them on a wet/dry cycle. There is a forum for growing in soil.


I'm on autos so pretty much start in big pots. When I was doing photo periods I started off in small coit pots and worked up to the bigger pots. I have used rock wool cubes then transplanted them into pots with soil without any problems.


To cut a long and boring story short, I've personally found growing in soil is a lower yield but much harder to fuck up and less time consuming, compared to NFT systems. There's certainly some soil growers that get the magic 1g pw but I've only managed it once in soil doing a vertical grow with cool tubes but that became a full time job so I haven't done it since. 

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hi, yeah i have never used pm compost, ive used bio bizz all mix many a time its good stuff, the plant magic soil was great when it first came out, i dont about now tho ? 

feed wise, i grow in soil myself in 11l pots using the plant magic oldtimer organic,bloom, and grow. and seaweed extract. cant go wrong with them nutes in soil, great end product. 

if i cant get plant magic i use bio bizz grow, and bloom. 

if your only going to grow 3 to 4 pants in a 1.2 m tent under a 600w hps i would say use big 20l pots,or bigger, and fim/ pinch the plants out to make them grow like bushy's, with loads of tops on, that way you will fill all your grow space before flipping to flower. 

there is no need to check ec in soil. or ph, unless in a crazy water area. plant your seeds, clones into small 4 inch pots of soil, build a little root ball over a few weeks, then into big pots. you can use r/wool cubes then put them into the big pots of soil. 

all the best with it, you have the rite gear so youl be cropping high grade in no time. 

i like your avi, lol loved watching monkey as a kid me. 

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nothing more to add to the advice except lol 


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