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The specs above will be less electric used than 1000 watts you should be fine mate good luck with your future grow 

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All this rubbish about smart metres I wouldn’t worry about, the electricity company’s are here to make money and as long as you pay your bills on time every time then they ain’t gonna care less what you use, in there eyes the more the better cuz that’s more money in there pockets, they’re hardly gonna snitch on a good customer are they, they ain’t stupid!

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Just pay your bill, my bill is only £1 odd more a day its not worth getting onto shit rigging the meter. 

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Posted (edited)

I run a 1.2 meter square tent with 600w hps in a 1 bedroom flat and have done for years with no worries about how much electric I use, I always pay my bills on time and give them a meter reading 3 times a year. My bill for gas and electric is £80 per month.


You could grow 2 huge trees in the same set up, it’s an ideal size for having in a spare bedroom.

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Bypassing an electric meter is a pretty easy thing to do and getting away with it is similar to having no TV license, I dont condone it at all, I have always paid for my electric because its worth it, bypassing the meter is a worse crime than the growing for sure


Someone who cant identify what type of meter they have let alone divide 5000 by 400 needs top banish these thoughts because to be blunt you just havent got the smarts, get the idea out of your head


That incomer to your house is most likely very old and theres a long list of possible fuk ups that will hurt you a lot, the grid are allowed to have no fuses and rely on the copper cable disintigrating to blow faults clear


Dont even think about man its for your own good

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