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OG Kush & Bubba Kush auto

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Posted (edited)

Hello all


I hope everyone is doing well 


Finally I can give you guys a smoke report :) 


I think I made a big error during my grow which has unfortunately had a negative effect on my flowers. I have suffered mould - I don't know if this happened during flowering or during the cure but it was a bitter pill to swallow. 


I first noticed it during the chop where I found it deep inside the main cola. It had grown on the inside and wasn't that visible during growing. I never weighed my gear other than the main cola that I threw away and it was 14g dry. I was so sad chucking it. I smoke the top bit of the bud that didn't look effected and had a pure spliff. It sent me and the mrs flying haha. 


I tried getting away with using a USB PC fan but I guess that this wasn't enough .... 


I have learnt the hard way folks ......


On to my smoke report. I have borrowed a template from another forum as it thought it answered everything.  

SeedBank :



OG Kush auto 
Did it autoflower?:








Biobizz Grow 

Biobizz Bloom 

Cal Mag

Light (kind and schedule):


HLG 150w LED 


24 hour schedule 


I slowly increased the wattage as it is adjustable

From seed to harvest date:__days

Bloody ages 


100 days 

Dry Yield:

No idea but it was enough for me to chuck 30% if the buds weren't worth keeping ...


Definitley over my 2oz target 

High/Effect Duration:


2 hour + less if you have been smoking throughout the day and build a tolerance 


Very nice smoke 


The high is strong. It takes a few minutes to set in but then you feel great. Typical hybrid where you feel nice and relaxed but still have quite creative thoughts. 


The more you you smile the stronger the stone. Your able to sit back and relax in the chair and listen to some music - it's great for that. 


RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great




You would not be able to tell that this was a first grow. The buds look  unreal. Especially the pick of the bunch. 



Could not of asked for a better strain for the first grow. She pretty much grew herself. 


She really like the the addition of calmag as you can see. 



Typical OG funk 


Need filter for flower period 


No hay / grass 

I could have dried her a day less. Think that this would of helped for the cure. Humidity was a little low when going into the jar so didn't get a good cure 




Thick smooth smoke. 


Very tasty 


Great in a vape 



I am going to have to struggle with these flowers and the mould. It definitely has effected most of the crop but it's not too bad and I have nothing else to toke on. It's also miles better than street grade dank and fuck the prices. 


I will just wait for the next crop which will begin mid way through September which isn't far away lol 


I wanted to thank all on here. Despite the mould issues I honestly can't believe I grew this bud first time round; even the Mrs was shocked. 


So thank you all for guiding me through. I have learnt a lot and have the confidence to see it all the way through next time. 


Special shout outs go to @Dinafem-Mark  and @Teeth  who were awesome and I owe special thanks to. 


Cant recommend these Dinafem beans enough. 





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Posted (edited)

@magik1953 Thank you so much for dropping back in and for doing such a detailed write up/smoke report  :yep:


Sorry to read you lost some of the crop to bud rot or mold. Personally this could have been present when growing but I've seen a few grows this summer that have been perfect until, the drying stage. Very strange.


Apart from the loss it sounds like our OG kush auto is hitting the spot, nice smooth smoke and a very tasty end product  ;)


Enjoy my friend a thank you both for the diary and this write up. This is how you end a diary ;)


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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Magik - I'm coming out of retirement to ask you not to smoke ANY moldy bud sorry my eyes r goosed at the moment so didn't read much but ....well I'd be righting any moldy bud off on the compost heap or bin but i can't risk anything with my swiss sheese lungs, maybe bubble or some kind of extraction but even then I wouldn't touch because really buddy it's not worth it.  Someone said in a thread there's no danger anyone personal would smoke something like 6 plants...I have and if truth be told I find the famine almost like a work out at the gym for the mind.  I smoked the lot scraping the fairy dust which is fucking immense but in no shape or form would I even let any moldy bits near where I dry,  it worries me loads sorry.



Why you getting mold?  What kind?  is it bud rot or stem rot?  I've learned the hard way my gung ho stupidity resulted in stem rot and in the earliest days bud rot but my heart bleeds for you but for me gonnae no smoke anything that's been near mold.


Now this is the only ratings I'm going to give on my previous grow -


Green Poison FV - apples and the knock the head I needed

Cream Mandarine - cut too early so didn't get anywhere near her mother's flavour yielded less! Dropped to the library 1/4L pot of doom &death cut -surviving like a mo-fo - I may run you again but ONLY as a luxury

Bubblegum - Makes me cough - cut is a beast not sure in the library

C99 - Proper old school weed two blocks down the road smelly pineapples (If you read about it otherwise) racey speedy weed did I say pineapples - for a 3.5L pot 2nd put out as much as bubblegum - DO NOT SMOKE IF YOU WANT TO BE QUIET AND SLEEP

GORILLA COOKIES - FUCKING YEAH this is the last nugget I've got left before going teetotal but I've weened myself off ridiculous J's to just a smidgeon of this - words cannot describe this - for someone who's teeth cannot handle too many sweeties anymore this is like eating a 10p lucky bag of artificial sugar.  Sherbert but cream.  Tremendous lie back and absorb vibe.  She's not so much finicky but slow, like bubba - in fact treat like bubba - I still need to get some bubba!.


Right enough hijacking your thread Magik - sorry I'm pished -  get yourself some photos play with the plants give yourself a realistic deadline of say a year and say you're going to stop paying in a YEAR - anything you gain up to then is sweet but don't fuck with your lungs please man. 




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