Building the mega bed

By FarmerPalmersNT in Organic Compost,
As per my previous thread here: I am going to attempt to convert to no teas. I decided a huge bed was the way forward so got the very biggest one I could fit in my tiny no till room. Its a 100 gallon/380 litre beast. Its roughly 85x85 across and 50cm deep.    At the moment I have what I thought were four 70 something litre root nurse fabric pots. Turns out they are actually 39 litre....oops. They have served me extremely well and I've had a lot of cycles through them (maybe 10 or so).   Originally the plan was to use these in the greenhouse, but owing to my shitty maths it has become necessary to recycle the soil in these and use it in the new mix. I figure this will help speed up the cycling of the new soil anyway.   Here's the existing mess, I ran some freebie auto seeds through them just to keep them running and so cleared those out first and fed them to the worms, the rest is a load of neglected nonsense from the clone room:         Next cleared it all out:     Wanted to bed the pots on something better than the impermeable polystyrene I'd used to get it off the cold floor. Originally I was considering removing a section of the concrete floor and part burying it but soon decided I couldn't be arsed so decided on a sand bed instead.    
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