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Calling all AUTOPOT users!! Setup questions

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31 minutes ago, panik said:


:doh:Definitely not a good idea coming from an experienced Auto pot grower,.. they need that 2" pebbles so they are not sitting in direct water drenched 24/7


was talking about mixed in with soil mate ...  it just takes up space.  

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Ok... this is going to be fun.  I went to ready the pots and dragged the "coco" out of storage to find its not coco!  Feck... my last run was soil (clover no less, im sure @blackpoolbouncer would approve)....  so this changes things somewhat.  Clover is certainly reusable but im gonna research a bit more.  I *guess* ill be using 40% or 50% perlite but watch this space :)

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Posted (edited)

So far, 8 beans popped in kitchen roll and are now in 1 litre of soil/perlite mix with cannazym, formulex and nitrozym all in half doses. Mycorrizal fungi was added too.


For finals im 90% decided on a 50/30/20 mix of soil/perlite/clay balls which should hopefully make for a light, non clogging mix.  Further research on the hydro nutes would point to it being totally fine but i may need to adjust the PH upward...  i plan on using silicon anyway so it should all balance out.

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Just a quick question about the autopot valves. I am thinking of getting some for my allotment/polytunnel to keep things alive when I go away


How much pressure do they need to operate?


Would a water butt provide enough pressure to activate the passive valves? I know a lot of float valves need a bit of pressure to activate water release, I have had a mostly empty tank and a mostly full water butt before now...


I admit ignorance about them, I usually use more active than passive control.


it would be nice to be able to fill the water butt before I go away and know that at least the plants in the polytunnel would be kept alive.

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I think 6 inches of tank elevation is the minimal requirement ;)

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