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another "silly " newbie question for ya

cant quite get my head around this as yet , as headline states im a complete newbie.   we all want to grow mostly for money right ?  ( well i do even though i do have skin cancer and want medicinal oil.)   why are there so many variations/sizes  of the atami wilma system  i.e the 10x6litre which i have ,  the 4 x 16 litre ,   4x25litre , the 8x11 litre etc etc........

i allways thought that if you grew more plants then that equals more ounces/cash.          then a mate who has grew for years says  he only grows 4 plants and gets 4-5 ounces of each and he told me since i have a 10 pot wilma that i should keep it instead of selling it and place 4-5 plants in there.           another friend who advised ,me to get the 10 pot wilma told me recently that he grows only 5 plants and gets 4-5 ounces per plant in soil !!!       this same friend tells me buy a wilma for ?

so,     why is wilma 8x 11 litre and better or worse than the 4x25litre ?   is it all about tent / room size ?  




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19 minutes ago, skorpio777 said:

we all want to grow mostly for money right ?


Did you not notice that the motto of this site is "ditch the dealer"?

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12 minutes ago, skorpio777 said:

cant quite get my head around this as yet , as headline states im a complete newbie.   we all want to grow mostly for money right ?   





Wrong newbie, so very wrong... If you wanna grow for money keep that chat to yourself, otherwise you'll end up banned...


Personally I wanna grow to save contributing to the black market, to know what I'm smoking, to choose what I want to smoke, to decrease my reliance on dudes like you who wanna earn bucks, many of whom churn out unflushed indoor hydro for Max profits and minimum care/taste/potency/treatment of the plant as a respected thing. I grow because I absolutely fucking LOVE watching them grow. Sitting beside your plants in the summer sunshine, watching them expand before your eyes... It's beautiful, soothing and, dare I say it, spiritually uplifting... 


No idea about yer willma pots, sounds like you need to start reading or get your mates round to set your shit up for you and explain it step by step... 


Hopefully time growing the mystic plant will erode your capatalist ways. Good luck I guess...



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Delete this and start a new one without the cash references and you'll be better received.

The difference is solely in pot size and numbers which usually translates to the amount of veg time required to make best use of the pots.

ie: 4 x 25l pots will need twice as long in veg to fill the pots as say the 11's but the yield from each pot would be much higher, smaller pots = less yield but compensated by more plants in the space.

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as said we dont talk about selling on here, as shit like that can get the site hassel.. its a grow your own site,to ditch the dealer and be dealer free. ie keeping of the radar, so you can do your thing, people do it abviously, its just dont talk about it. the first rule of uk420 growclub is dont...... lol 

its simple really, if growing in soil, and want big yields then learn how to veg plants that grow bushy/ sideways rather than strait up. 

i grow organic in soil, in pots 11 liter the square wilma ones. using just seaweed extract, and plant magic organic oldtimer boom. and i just fim/ pinch out the tops of each growth top, all through veg. using that method while spraying the plants a few times a day with seaweed extract ,mixed with water. feed the plants the kelp/ seaweed extract too. soak them when spraying them, from under the leafs first, then spray all the tops of the leafs/ plants. 

the plants will explode with loads of fresh new growth that can be seen daily. 

here are a pic of my plants ive been pinching out in veg, and soaking with seaweed extract. gets the humidity upto 80% plus, they love that rain forest humidity in veg, and just grow them self's.

a 20 plus top plant, will yield very well in soil/ coco in 11 to 15 liters. 4 to 5 oz per plant is doable with the rite enviroment, and genetics. i should get about 4 oz of this one below, if all grows well as its a new strain im growing out, cypress hills ,dr greenthumbs em dog, by humboldt seeds. it's a chemdog#4 crossed to a og kush called crippy from Los A.

welcome to uk420 by the way, we all get told off when new for not knowing things.

now weed is legal in usa, i have noticed people talking about growing it more openly, we are still in the uk , so its illegal unfortunately  :wallbash: 





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No mate, just NO.


There are no silly questions ....... just silly people.




lil d.

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@skorpio777 I have had a look at your topics, in every case your questions have been answered many times in the past, a little searching and reading would have answered but even so members have tried to help you.

Also when you signed up you were asked to read the site guidelines and agree to abide by them, here is a link again please take the time to read them this time as you obviously did not bother when signing up.


You are welcome to use uk420 to learn to grow for your personal used and medication as that is our purpose, please don't abuse our hospitality with thoughtless posts in future.


Thank you Ot1.

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