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Vape for herb and e liquid

Hi guys.

As the title suggests I am in the market for a vape that is suitable for herb and e liquid.

I currently don't have either but looking to give up on cigarettes soon and last time I tried cold turkey spliffs with baccy were my downfall.

I was tempted by the V2 series 7 until I read reviews saying that they break easily and leak everywhere.


Is there anything out there that would suit my needs or would it be better to get 2 separate units?

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3 hours ago, zinc said:

spliffs with baccy were my downfall.


Simple, leave the poison out :skin_up:


Been free of cigarettes now for over 7 years, and the thought of how they dominate your life still haunts me today.

I'm not aware of a single unit to do both for you, although i am sure something exists. Check out vapefiends video reviews if you haven't already. Vapes ain't cheap so you want to make 100% sure your getting the right one for you first time. 


I can recommend the boundless cfx for herb, had one of these for well over a year and its still going strong. Very satisfying from an ex smokers point of view but they have been out for quite some time now so I am sure there's better tech out their today.

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Posted (edited)

Two separate units methinks.


I've bought a couple of 'all in one' e-cig/vapes that failed on all tasks. One supposedly vaped BHO or rosin and had a separate bit for vaping dried herb. Battery life was so bad, the damn thing would not last beyond the first song at a live gig. Sent the units back. Also bought the Wax solution, again, shite, pen leaked all over (there goes a gram of concentrate) and smoking the wax solution gave a nasty aftertaste, IF you could actually hold the vape smoke. I made a better solution myself but like I say, pegs and likely pg and vg will be left behind by new developments.


If you want e-juice with cannabis, I'd look at the dispensary pens uk website. They sell terpenes to mix with your concentrate, That way you can use a normal e-cig or purchase the one sold on the website.


I've had a £7 Evod thats been fine with vaping cannabis e-juice (using peg400 and pg). I do not think there is any future in the peg mixes and it will end up with terpenes and perhaps other safer techniques and methods.


There are many good vapes for dried cannabis. The top end, we all know you could spend a few hundred (Volcano). You can get a decent cheap vape for 50 quid. I would not buy the portable Volcano as its expensive and a few people have had issues with it.



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Thanks for the lengthy replies!

I have just taken a punt on a fairly cheap e liquid vape with some 0% nicotine liquid. I am hoping this will feed the habit. I find that my worst times are when I get in the van to drive or after a meal etc. Cost me all of £40 for one for me and my partner so worth a try.


Will do a little more research on the herb vape and spend a considerable amount more on that to get the right one. The boundless was one I have been looking at along with the arizer. My father in law has just bought a pax 3 aswell so looking forward to trying that out.

I just want something I won't be disappointed with and crave spliffs.


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