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Its time, but I'm in root riot?!!

Yo .. Just a quick one peeps.


I'm in root riots and roots are starting to pop out and starting to hang in my aeroponics propagator and are 3.5 weeks old. They have been under a 300w. I wish I had a pic as pictures speak a million words but my camera not working. Ther are starting to bend over at the top and I can see that some plants are also starting to get abit sick but that I think is due to my EC is 0.8/1.0. They only about 8inches long 5 nodes. I'm using Pure RO water (0ppm) I add my nutes and some cal/mag .They are going into an Ebb n Flow system but when you think?


Sorry for the simple question but first grow and I'm learning fast. I have cleaned my pebbles and my fresh RO ready to be mixed. Shall I go for it?  >_<

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Hi Shayneoc,


This reply may be way too late to help you.


It's only my opniion, but I think at 8 inches tall and 5 nodes they should have already been in the Ebb and Flow system, I find root riot to be very good and as soon as the roots are showing through I move them into clays balls / pots etc and on to the next stage - ebb/flow or whatever hydroponics system is being used. If they've been kept in the small root riots to 8 " tall and five nodes, I think they're probably never going to reach their full potencial because you will have stalled their progress and held them back, I'm guessing the leaves have stayed quite small.


It also depends how tall you want the finished plants to be, I like them to finish around 100cm metre tall or less and mine are already switched over to 12/12 for floweing by the time they have five full nodes, not counting the little fucked up starting leaves. For your first grow, apart from the help on here, I would recommend getting a good book on the subject.


Good luck, how did these turn out?








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