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Ganja Tea: never throw away your fan leaves again!

Posted (edited)

Hi guys, long time no see! I just wanted to share some info about something which is great for chilling out, soothing the throat after smoking and aiding digestion, which is ganja tea made from fan leaves. 


You can of course make tea from sugar leaves - but that is much better to be saved for an oil/butter extraction, unless you have a load of it, otherwise drink away! (It gives you more wings than red bull due to the THCA, but without the jitteryness)


Usually fan leaves get thrown away, chucked in the bin, flushed down the toilet, abandoned in the countryside in massive bin bags... but never again should this be done, because just like tea leaves, they can be used fresh or dried to create a beautiful brew which can promote relaxation, aid digestion, and even sooth the throat after/during a vape or smoke session. Just like the old guys in the East that drink mint and honey tea whilst they smoke their hookahs, a nice hot drink with the right ingredients can settle your tummy and get rid of that nasty mucous that piles up in the respiratory tract after inhaling some fine herb.


Even the crispy yellow/golden brown dried up leaves on the grow room floor can still make an interestingly decent brew (which some prefer), and will have slightly different taste and colour due to the oxidization of the leaves under the intense light and heat of the grow room. Stems as well can be chopped up and added to the mix like cinnamon sticks!


The best way to brew is to get a decent handful of dried leaves, grinded/broken up quite finely and put it into a tea pot (don't worry if little bits get into the cup). Otherwise, get some empty paper tea bags from Amazon, or a shop in town and fill up about 2 g of loose/grinded leaf, and stick that in a cup and brew like any other good old fashioned cup o' tea.


I wish I knew about this sooner, it definitely helps me unwind for a good night's sleep, and definitely soothes my throat from all the volcano hits. It takes a few days to develop a liking for the taste, but it becomes sweeter and sweeter every day as you become accustomed to drinking it!


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yes mate, its great stuff aint it. the jamaicans just chuck it in a pot fresh of the plant 

i have made some bubblehash and not long tipped away some great smelling brown water. i was thinking i bet it would rock my boat if i drunk some. lol 

pissed off now as i should of boiled some and used it for tea. :unsure:

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10 minutes ago, smokie1 b c f c said:

pissed off now as i should of boiled some and used it for tea. :unsure:


aw that is a shame :( must have been full of goodness. it will be blessing the sewer system now aha!

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