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lucky dan

Yellow leaves

Hello fellow growers,


This is my first grow and I am having problems with my plants.

I planted them 2 and a half weeks ago and until now they seemed very healthy, but for the last couple of days, the leaves on one plant are turning yellow.

I haven't used any fertilizer yet and I water them approximately every 5 days. Also, the plants seem a bit short, is this normal?

Any advice would be very welcome. Here is a picture of the sick plant.




Many thanks :)

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Hosted pics removed. Please upload to here
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could be a lot of things , I dont think its any deficiency as such , what are your night time temps ? .... my advice is just plough on 

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Temps may be an issue. What soil you using by the way?


They look like they ought to be taking off soon, root temps are vital and obviously a good soil will give them a good start.


Some seedlings do struggle a bit before they get some vigour. Just follow the basic grow rules, ticking off each 'rule' when you know its sorted.


My last seedlings looked like shit before they went into the real grow phase. Once 3 or 4 sets of leaves are on they ought to get more vigorous.

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At that size i would be giving them a little water every day or two..not soaking them every 5 they are too small.

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