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Cheap LED - whos got one??

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On 5/8/2018 at 10:59 PM, splifi said:

For seven years i grew with 2 x 250w hps/mh in a very small grow cab,i constantly struggled with high temps but got good results.

 As an Electrician i came across high bay corn led lights(£80 each if bought) so i acquired 3 and fitted 2 to replace my 2 x 250hps

 I have been pleasantly surprised with the results,yield was very similar.The heat problem have been eliminated although i did have to add undersoil heating in winter.

The only other difference has been the length of grow, under led my grow takes about 2 weeks longer.

I can change back just by changing the bulbs and flicking a switch 10 minutes tops.I have no finical interests in led but it has worked out for me.



Wow indeed! I likes. First LED light I've seen that I actually like lol cool find!

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No need to quote the image from the same page thats what the @ function is for. Think of users on their mobiles!

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On 5/8/2018 at 7:42 PM, bazzo said:

Sorry for breathing.... 


But it's relevant to the OP's original question isn't it? 

@bazzo @Golden Syrup Sorry lads I didn't abandon thread, for some reason I did't get notifications on replies so had to search manually. 


I have read your thread before GS, the sad truth about all this after all is that the 125w CFL did a bloody grand job bringing them up from seed to be ready to go under the HPS, so all that fuss for nothing haha. But I appreciate all the work you put in. 


And bazzo, I saw your diary when you had 6 in there and got your gram per watt, that I dont knock. But 6 Mezhi units add up, where I have seen growers on her acheive 1gpw on one 600w hps, so as I acknkowledge that tech is improving I still don't think you can beat HID bulbs, the draw power is a false economy as while you save a bit over time, your startup is a lot lot higher. I invested £275 a while back on a MARS hydro 1200 (600w equivalent) and I ended up giving it away, and the guy I gave it to is also giving it away. Besides the HPS keeps your room nice and warm in winter. Not an issue where you are based so I see why you need cooler units, everybody has a different setup. 

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Posted (edited)

I've just today received two 80w L.E.D's full spectrum so pretty much all red for flowering. On each panel there's one node that doesn't work, and happen to be both the exact same nodes on the board. There were from some place in the UK but made in China, supposed to be pretty good though. We'll see eh lol. I'm putting them both in a dp90 tent with 4" extraction which is running now, got blue spec 85w cfl in there atm and be adding another of the same cfl to veg and then put these l.e.d's in for flower. Be quite interesting lol.


They are really fooking breyt though I must say. I'm fairly confident tbh.

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