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Masters Golf

I am a Golfer, in fact me and Mrs CP play. Just though I would throw my 2p worth in for the impending Masters


 I really hope the organisers eject the usual dullards who get pissed and yell out "get in the hole" when Tiger tees off on a par 5 and basically ruin the whole spectacle for all.

Picks time and it's going to be a really good year for us pond side - well I hope.

Sergio? 2 years running? Don't think so. Here are mine:

Justin Rose: Runner up last year and playing really well at the moment. One of my favourite players and an all round good egg

Rory: Now then. Hot and cold. Can be  great and he certainly is on a roll but again his putting can be his downfall. He will be there or there abouts but I think the grand slam will elude him this year.

My wild card: Tommy Fleetwood. How can one not like the man? A local (ish) boy and a firm lover of Rock music, Tommy is playing great golf and if he holds his nerve and blocks out the wankers who will no doubt follow Woods around the course on the opening round, he will be in contention.

Tiger Woods: Even though he is playing well I just think the course will be too much for him - and keeping it up for 4 rounds.

Dustin Johnson/John Rahm. I am linking these 2 as there are big hitters and DJ is still No. 1 in the world. The course is not really for the big guns so mid table respectability.

Bubba Watson: Love or hate him he sure does love the Georgia track. Unpredictable at times his unorthodox style has it's charm. Could be a contender

Finally Justin Thomas. Nearly overthrew DJ the other week for the top spot and much is expected of him. The course might suit him but I think it maybe too early for him. One to watch for sure.

So let the action begin tomorrow and the CP's will be doing a feast for the weekend. Not grits though. Maybe some ribs or fried chicken but plenty of green and red.

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