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What do people think of RTA,Dripper systems

Hi,folks just been looking for a new growing style&system and have been using coco the last 2,crops so was looking for a coco system never really liked the look of Wilma systems so after browsing an old hydro-mag,i came across a RTA,system using either 15-20,ltr,air-pots, an really like the look of them haven't got a pic, but basically it comes in 4-6-8-12-18-24/pots set-ups, an is run off water but using,iws brain and is a dripper system which can be either run to waste or back to res ,,also you can start with a 6,pot system and add more when you like so that suits me i was gonna start with the 12,pot one and if i liked it i could add more later so just wanted to know if anyone is using/used one and if their any good or should i stick to my nft & dwc setup or jus air-pots an coco as i find this method of growing a lot easier as i get older anyways thanks in advance ,Chris

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Setup a basic drip feed system,res and timer, then buy the rta catchment trays, attach pipe to each and have them run back to  the res. Job done and cheap to do as explained.


Run To Waste Trays By Medusa Hydroponics

RTA from iws you can buy the trays separate also like £10 each 


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