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Zz does Lemonade OG and Sour Orange Diesel Vertical Style hps/cmh coco

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Lets get this show on the rd 

Many thanks to Panik at Real Gorilla Seeds for having me on board for this one.

I haven't had much experience with flavoursome weed ie oranges and lemons. I have done a few but never had a pheno with the lemonines or orangie smell. 


So for me its Lemonade OG that is supposed to be proper lemony , and Sour Orange Diesel, again the same but with orange.  

These are the packaging , nice and cool looking. They reminded me of the packets that the popping candy used to come in that used to crackle and pop in your mouth, moon rocks maybe? 




Here is the back of them and you see my choices Oranges and lemons said the bells of st Clements lol. 

Inside is a little black flat container like a small flat Dinafem one but plastic. 

Be careful opening this because there is a bit of sponge and the seeds and if you open it upside down the seeds will fall out on the floor. Be careful opening it as its a bit difficult to id the top or the bottom. 



So I did 3 of each , holding a few seeds back in case of emergencies . 




This is how I'm gonna grow em. 9 plants basically grown in a circle around a hanging bare bulb. 

My space is very height limited at about 1.2 m tall so I will grow the plants sideways into the bulb. 

This is probably not the room these seedlings will end up in . I have another slightly bigger one that is very similar and I suspect they will end up with about 4 months veg in there before flowering, so they will get to be quite big plants . All trained and tied to fit into my vertical space and fully utilise every inch of space. 



A few days later and no sign of life except from 1 of the sour orange diesels or sods for short . 




About a week later and I had still nothing shown from any of the Lemonade OGs or Logs for short. 

I had soaked them for 2 days and when I dug them up they hadn't even split their shell and rotted. 

I did have a prop on them at first but possibly a bit too much moisture under it. 



So I think I had one of the logs from the first lot that had split and looked promising but generally it didn't look good , I shit myself and soaked and germed the rest of the logs . Used all be subs up now lol. 



I think these seeds may have been a bit fresh or needed a few weeks in the fridge cos they were slow coming up again. After about a week I had movement on one of them. 



My 1 little Sod was up the other 2 didn't make it. I only need 1 plant of each strain come flowering time. 



More movement from the coco surface. 



I had them tilted like this , around a foot from a vertical 400hps just warming the coco surface nicely. 



within a few days they were all up. 

This is them yesterday at 7 days old. 



Then with the Sod that is 2 weeks old. I will be carefully selecting the 5 Lemonades for strengths and weakness and culling them down to probably 1 plant , 2 if I see a couple of different phenos. 

Till then grow my little babies. 




Here she is , looking quite normal like a standard seedling. A little bit of a floppy stem at the moment. Not yet growing at any speed. 




That's all for a week now the ball is rolling .

Its exciting bringing new strains into a new growroom. 

over and out for a week 


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Wow mate great start,.. got me worried there for a min I was reading an thought no come on these seeds have to germ surely but it all turned out ok in the end, I never like starting straight into soil coco for this very reason, paper towel techniques over here all the way , but everyone has there own methods,.. looking good now mate cant wait to see what you can pull off especially with 4 months veg they going to be huge, best watch out for the stretch in flower,... :yep: 

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Cheers mate, 

It does considerably help with the stretch hitting the plant from the side with light as oppose to traditionally from above. They stretch quite a lot sideways however, which is what I want. 

This is the new room where your seeds will be going bro. 



Not much headroom , but plenty of sideways space. I expect the stretch will have them on the ceiling but that is vertical growing brother. 



I will have the back of the plants pinned against the wall and grow them forwards . 



Right the way around the bulb for maximum usage of space. 





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Here we are a week later and as if by magic , we are now in a different room . 

As the weather had warmed up I thought fuck it I will fire up the 250w MH and sit the babies around it. I much prefer the light from this bulb for small plants and clones , I trust it more than the 400 at the baby stage. 

Anyway Brand new room , first plants in. 




The 250 actually sits much nearer and the bottom is level with the trays. 

The heat just goes up and out. 



As you can see the Lemonades have been culled down to 4 , the weakest being pulled. 



So far at this 2 week old stage , they have been potted up into 1 l pots. Its looking like 2 are stretchy and 2 more squat, and that is continuing as we speak. 



Nice and healthy, could do with a little clip fan on em, giving em a blow but alas its in use in the garage. 



The Sour Orange Diesel is growing ok as well, she is a week older at 3 weeks. 



Not breaking any records but she plods on. I feel the Lemonades may veg quicker. 



That's how they are rolling in their new home. I'm giving them 4 hours darkness from 1 till 5 as there is not yet any heating in this room and the outside temps are not dropping this room below 20 lights off. 

Lights on 24 25 , lovely jubbly. 




Over and out for another week


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the lemonade ogs reeeeallly benefit from being bent over btw ..thatll give you some serious sideways growth chap ..

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Cheers Vince mate, they aint gonna have no choice in my sideways room brother lol. 

They are gonna live their life bent over like an old lady. 


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Righto here we go a week later , 

This was them last week .



This week they have just been potted up into 2l pots. 




Also you notice ive culled 2. I had 2 taller ones that grew slower and had skinny stems, and these two that had a slightly more squat appearance and are growing at a fair pace. 

Its now basically a race between these 2 to show me the strongest qualities. 

I will pick the one I like the best and cull the other. 



The Sour Orange Diesel has also been potted up and is slowly plodding along. I think she will start to speed up a bit in veg in the next few weeks. 



Nice intermodal gaps at the moment, could be that she will be indica leaning or it could be she is just a slow vegger and will shoot upwards any day now. 




Both currently basking next to the 250w mh at around 25 degrees . 

over and out for a week. 


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On 09/04/2018 at 5:51 PM, vince noir rock n roll star said:

the lemonade ogs reeeeallly benefit from being bent over btw ..thatll give you some serious sideways growth chap ..

Couldn’t agree more @vince noir rock n roll star I bent over one of mine and instead I having one massive cola, it has 5!!! It’s a beauty!!


looking forward to watching this develop @zztopbudz best of luck with the new room!

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5 hours ago, In-the-night-garden said:

Couldn’t agree more @vince noir rock n roll star I bent over one of mine and instead I having one massive cola, it has 5!!! It’s a beauty!!


looking forward to watching this develop @zztopbudz best of luck with the new room!


Thanks mate, I cant wait to see how much weed I can get off 9 plants . Gonna veg with a 250w then a 400w for the majority of their couple of month veg , then a 600 on top of a 315 to flower with for this room. Doughnut of weed or what lol


4 hours ago, Alan Johnson said:

Looking forward to following this :)

Welcome aboard mate , u and me both brother . Feels good to be growing in my loft again, properly insulated and a good environment with a decent fan . 

Gonna kick some arse 


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Coming alone lovely here mate, real nice :yep: 

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Cheers @panik mate. 

All doing lovely here. They have been potted up and so far still got both the Lemonades as they are both similar at the moment. 

Sour Orange diesel in the middle.




A bit closer



1 Lemonade



2 Lemonade



Growing quite Rapidly as they can for a 250w but I'm in no rush whatso ever as they have months to veg and be trained. 



I've started just giving the stems a little crush to see if I can get them to respond with new shoots. 



Still quite happy with the lack of any mad stretching. 



Just enough of a pinch to flop the top over slightly. 



Its been warm in this room up around 30 as ive not got the proper fan and filter set up yet but these girls love it and are starting to grow rapidly. 



I dug out an old fan I had , stripped the cage and hung it on a bungee for almost silent running. In this warm patch I got it coming on for half hour off for half hour right the way round the clock. 

All the plants are benefitting from a bit of air movement now. 




More in a week 


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Nothing much to report , no mad super speed growth yet. Just steady . 

I'm happy , cant knock healthy growth.

Lemonades on either end , Sour orange in the middle. 



Here are just the 2 lemonades and I'm liking the one on the left as the chosen one as she is slightly squatter than her sister. 



Sour Orange diesil



You see the effects of my pinching has produced a few low shoots . 



The lemonades are producing leaves at a medium rate. 



Both Lemonades are quite compact , but one more so than the other. 



This time next week there may only be one of each . The chosen 2 will live. 



Moved the plants slightly nearer to the warmth of the bulb as temps are quite low outside at the moment and I have no heating in this room at the moment. 

I had just clocked the temp at 17 degrees in here after the light went out so I pulled out the timer and went 24/0 for a few days till it warms up outside. 

This is the halide glow just before it kicks in and photos become shit. 




Generally I must remember that they are only being lit from a 250 and I'm sure the growth would be double the speed with the 400 on. 

As soon as the flowering starts in the other room in a week or 3 , then I will have a 600 in there and a 400 in here for the full flowering duration , giving this lot a full 12 week veg, with the 400. 

Should be well packed in here by then. 

Over and out for a week 


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So another week of growth, still slow and steady. 

I decided that today was the day to kill a lemonade and select the chosen one. 

Lemonade 1 was shorter and more squat indica looking so I chopped the other one that was slightly more stretchy. 



So these are the final 2 Lemonade on the right and Sour diesel orange on the right. 



Sour diesel Orange 



I'm going to pot these 2 up the weekend , see if I cant kick start some rapid growth. 



no problems touch wood.

nice healthy plants.



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Morning all. 

So they were potted up and here they are 7 days later. 

Slowly plodding along. No speed monsters for sure, yet. 

No problems at all , they slowly get bigger. 

Lemonade left, Sour Orange Diesel on the right



Ive done no topping on the SOD but I've been pinching out her main stem, trying to get her to bush out down below. I may yet top her it depends on her growth rate. 



The Lemonade I think has had one stem pinching because she is so squat and dumpy. 




Not a lot to get my that thumbs around really, I'm sure that veg growth will speed up. 



They were from the weekend and I have turned off the 250 and turned on the 400w sunmaster. 

I'm thinking these two aint that impressed with the Mh bulb and it is way due for a change to be honest. They have a fairly new bulb now on 24/0 till the weather warms up a bit more. 

All going well 

till the next time


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