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Yeild vs Plant Count ??

Hi chaps,


A quick question; let's say I had a 2x4 meter tent with two 600w lights and going for more weight.


Would I be better to go 18 (tight space) plants with some basic LST or, go for 9 pots and veg for longer to get them well grown out and really push their training limits?


What I'm trying to understand is if I was going for a weight of let's say 10lb, I had 10 plants and are all crammed together so space is limited for the plants to grow out. Each plant produces 1lb.

If i was to put 5 plants in and really stressed them out to grow as big as I can make them grow and each plant flowered at 2lb each.


.. I think you get my drift.


Would both techniques still achieve same results? The main reason why I'm asking is that I'm 3 weeks into propagation and I need to decide on what Hydroponic system to go for.


I know many factors full into place with what I'm trying to say but is it possible? .. how many ounces can you pull per crop if you were running 2x600w in a 2x4meters tent and on what hydro set up? Am I thinking of NFT?


Very indecisive !!


Thanks for your input ... if you can. :)



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Perhaps the best thing I can do is point you HERE  as regards plant numbers and lighting.

An excellent read from @Golden Syrup

Don't blame me if you change your plans after reading it :yep:

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You need 8 lights with a tent that size 

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It's meant to be personal growing only here.


Even though your chances of growing a "hypothetical" 10lbs = 160 ounces or even 5lbs = 80 ounces are minimal, its way over the top of what could be defended as personal supply, even 2lb is 32ounces and that would be way more than enough to last most growers between crops.


There are plenty of other sites where your request is fine so go there my friend.

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@shayneoc This site is here to help people to dump the dealer and support people who want to grow their own quality cannabis rather than buying the junk grown by commercial growers and sold by dealers for huge profit.

We are not here to teach or help potential commercial growers.


Bearing that in mind, with unselected seed using  a 600w hps a new grower will be lucky to yield half a gram of properly dried and cured bud per watt.

Please read at least the first line in our guidelines! I'll leave it at that. 


By all means post and learn to grow for your own use.

Topic closed.

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