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Newbie grow setup needing advice

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31 minutes ago, maverick40b said:

Thanks just read up a little on CMH there, sound great. If I were to use two 600w hps  what would I need the  for CMH could you reccomend one to have a look at ? 



the thing to know tho is that 2 x 600w Hps ballast - reflectors - hps lamps will cost about £300-£350 for a great set up but if your thinking about CMH,

your looking at nearly £1000 for 4 x 315w CMH kits, its a lot of extra money in comparison but the buzz is worth it.


also, @maverick40b  if you do jump in at the deep end & start of growing hydroponically, dont forget that you'll need a ph & a CF meter to measure the nutrients,

tbh, soil is a lot less forgiving & easier to manage if your new to growing.

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1 hour ago, maverick40b said:

Yeah did think 5 600w was loads was going of the a advice of a friend. Yeah I had considered soil. Was told that I would get a much better yield from hydro and that the Wilma system was easy. It seems like people are favouring soil tho. See your point to the less is more approach. Really undesidecided with the soil or hydro. Wanted hydro because I was under the impression I would get a larger yield and it would be easier to look after. But seems like with soil I will have more time to make changes if I mess some thing up with the plant? And also can achieve the same yields if I veg for long enough ? Was put off hydro for the additives and think soil is better for flavour and overall results ? 


I have never done hydro, I am an organic soil grower. indoors and out for over 6 years now but friends that do use hydro theplants do take off but I find soil to be a much better overall in taste and quality of end product.


Yes you can achieve same yeild to hydro with the potting up every 2 weeks, large final pot size  longer veg, some Topping, training and removing the bottom half of plant after stretching. All information can be found in this forum regarding this in the pinned section.


I would recommend soil as it much more forgiving for first timers until you gain more knowledge and experince.




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