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Pre-rolled spliffs ... curing after grinding ?

I've posted before about how the current batch (WW from last year, cured to perfection) is a beautifully mellow sweet smoke. Honestly, if I never had anything else again, I'd be happy.


Incredibly, both MrsJP and I noticed Friday that it seemed even sweeter and mellower.


The only explanation I can think of, is down to our (well my) rolling routine. Which has settled into grinding a batch on Saturday, and then rolling it into spliffs (sorry, with tobacco) in the afternoon while I catch up with some telly. On a good day I can roll 3-4 days worth in one sitting.


My theory is after grinding, the bud manages to cure a tiny bit more (as it's surface area has increased) ?????

Then, on top of that, when it's been rolled into a spliff and left (in a plastic box) for a couple of days, the ground bud mellows the tobacco ???? And cures a tiny bit more  ?


To be honest, I don't really care as long as I get my lovely sweet bud. But it is a curiosity.

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