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3 x Colorado cookies diary

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Looking great! I can only hope mine succeed as much as yours have.

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@blackpoolbouncer i thought that would tickle someone lol I'm glad it made u chuckle lol


I just saw I video showing further away the light , the less your get from it , I'm new to this bro , even tho been growing a year lollol


Cheers buddie  , I'm glad u think I have!

Hopefully the next grow will be bigger!

I'm dropping down to a 400w HP's due to temps!


Hopefully you finished your cornflakes with out spitting anymore lollol


All the best buddie 


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Little update guys! 


All girls are now down..and were done :)


The cc#2 pulled 130-150 grams dry af.


Cc#1 which has been jared up for a few days now has given me 190grams :)


Unfortunately..cc#3 was still growing and now due to this really humid weather , I had bud rot on the king bud :(

Lucky it was only in one spot..nothing on any other buds. So I did an emergency chop even tho she wasn't quite their yet :(

Although the buds are as big as my first so hopefully she's yeilded well :)


Sorry theres no pics as I panicked and chopped asap! 


3 more cookies are now at 10 days old , of course I'm doing the cookies Agen!

Such a good smoke and loved growing them!


Everyone of my crops are all going to be trained now! Cheers @blackpoolbouncer for introducing me to the lst! This is the way I'm going to go from now on!


All the best everyone.

Hope you've enjoyed!



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Excellent result buddy, you must be well happy. Always good to see results like this. 

Well done mate.

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Thank you mate :)

Very happy really! The buds have turned out lovely! 

Debating on doing another diary on the little ones , probs won't maybe next grow :)

All the best bud 

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