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Jstaff’s Zkittzo and Kushty

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cracking lookin buds gonna be a smelly treat that ..

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Day 71


so that’s it people, the remaining 6 got the chop today, all hung up whole plant untrimmed.


The first 3 I chopped have been down a week now and are all dry, ended with 5oz’s in total from them, 4 of Zkittzo and 1 of Kushty.


Unexpectedly I actually find that the Kushty has more of a fruity taste and is the better smoke, but both the Zkittzo and the Kushty stink to high heaven lol!!


Ill b back in a week or so with the final weights from the remaining 6.


Have a good one guys



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Done and dusted!


Final weights are in, ended up with around 12 oz of Kushty and about 6 oz of Zkittzo so in total around 18 oz which isn’t bad considering it was first run in the new room and I suffered from horrendous temperatures!! Some days we were up to 38 degrees!!


One thing about the temps though is unfortunately I think it affected my drying most of all, everything just dried to fast and a lot of the bud has little to no smell to it.


I had a couple of Zkittzo that have a light fruity smell to them, kind of like an orange smell I think is what it is, it’s a nice smoke as well, had some last night and it sent the wife straight to sleep and I watched creed with a big smile on my face all the way through, it’s not even a funny film lol!!


A couple of the Kushty have a very Kush smell to them and are nicely coated with crystals, also a nice smoke but very indica like, nice couch lock for nighttime.


On the whole id say say half was decent and half just lost its smell and taste due to the heat during drying.

I can’t see that it’s the plants themselves as I haven’t heard anyone else say they’ve had this but I do have clones of everything to run again so hopefully with the weather calming a bit now and me having my room dialled in the next run should produce some top quality bud.


Thanks to @panik for the opportunity to try out his stuff, what did turn out nice are definitely winners for me so cheers mate I just didn’t do it justice is my guess.


couple of pics for you guys, first pic is Zkittzo second pic is Kushty 




Thats it from me then guys, hope you all have a good one, all the best!


Edited by Jstaff
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Done great here mate and quality looking buds as well , glad you liked the kushty they are a nice one ,...:yes:

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@panik thanks mate, I really didn’t do them any justice with all the temp issues I had but I’ve just finished another run of these two from the clones I took and they were both very nice especially the Zkittzo, sticky tropical fruit bud and a very nice yielder although I did find the odd nana on the Zkittzo but no big deal, other than that they’re banging mate :yep:

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