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smokie1 b c f c

smokies zkittle skunk and sour orange diesel funk. zkittzo's diary

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morning everyone. hope all is well with yours, and smoking something nice. :smokin:

i have been given a pack of 6 zkittzo seeds and sour orange diesel seeds thanks to panik, and of course uk420. 

so i am having a go in the diary competition :hippy:

rite here is the specs of my growroom/tent. 

using a dr120 tent with a 600w hps due spec bulb, with a 5 inch 2 speed ruck fan and filter. with 2 lenth's of 4 inch ducting going into the tent either side as 2 x passive air inlets. 

using soil in 3 to 15l pots. using bio bizz grow, plant magic oldtimer organic bloom. with seaweed extract as a spray in veg. 

here are the seeds i got today. 



ha ha ha, the pictures are upside down. lol its this fire99 and gorillahaze bubbehash im smoking on. 

here are a few pics of the full melt i made using my bubblebags, mixed for 5 mins with food mixer on low

big lump is the 73u and small snake is of the 25u. deadly this gear is. real fudge like. i be making more soon, as i have a bag of trim left. 



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Nice one @smokie1 b c f c


That hash has that kind of smash your face in look about it mate:rofl:


I have some zkittles on the way so I will deffo be keeping a close eye on how you get on with these,maybe the sour orange diesel next time, it does sound very nice, anyway take it easy mate.Jj:yinyang:

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thanks jibba jabba. sure do'es kick this bubble hash. knocked me out for a few hours, i woke up a hour ago. lol 

glad you have some zkittles on the way to grow too mate. 

here is the info on the zkittzo from real gorilla seed co website

Strain Lineage: Zkittles X Skunk#1

Rgsc take on Zkittles ,..Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavoured cannabis bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This award-winning combination took 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and 1st Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The chunky Colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. The effects of Zkittlez are surprisingly Uplifting for an indica, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day, now crossed to our Skunk#1 it brings even more pack to the punch and is still fruity as hell , come taste the rainbow and give Zkittzo a go...

Genetics: Zkittles x Skunk

Mostly Indica Dominant

Indoors 9 Weeks Flowering

Yield 450-550 Gr/Sqm

Outdoors end October/November




and the sour orange diesel. 

Strain Lineage: Sour Orange Diesel X Skunk#1

We have taken the Sour Orange Diesel, and hit her with a Mr nice Shit (Skunk#1) pheno , the cross has a amazing unique blend of flavours and smells of Sour zesty orange fuel with a back draft of East Coast Sour Diesel, the skunk has brought some early robustness to the table but has kept the characteristics of the original SOD, this is a real exotic winner to add to the flower room, If your after some unique kind of smell and taste look no further , the smoke is smooth with a zesty orange exhale, very energetic and uplifting high that packs a punch...

  • Genetics (Sour Orange Diesel X Skunk#1)
  • Mostly Sativa Dominant
  • Indoors 9 weeks Flowering
  • Yield 500-600 Gr/Sqm
  • Outdoors end October/November
  • Photoperiod
  • Feminised

il be back with pics when there in pots asap. 



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good day fellow stoners. hope your all smoking something nice, that makes getting snowed in, not so boreing. 

im smoking on my bubble hash, and its hitting the spot. 

i put 4 zkittzo's to germ today, aswell as 3 sour orange diesel. so il check them tomorrow night, they should be cracked then, day after tops. my last ots of paniks seeds cracked after 48hours 100% germ rate, so i have high hopes for these new genetics he has cooked up. bring on the buds and the taste tasters, :hippy:

il be cloning all pants before flower, as i never last time. and lost a great strawberry tasting fire99. :wallbash:

will report back in a few days. peace all. :smoke:


Edited by smokie1 b c f c
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good afternoon all @uk420. hope everyone is kushty:yinyang: 

update on the seeds i put to germ in wet kitchen roll, in a small sealed tub, they have all germed, they all have a good inch long taproot the zkittzos and the sour orange diesels. 

so il pot them up now into small half liter pots of plagron lightmix soil. as i used this soil on my fire 99 and gorilla haze diary grow and was happy with it, no bugs/ mites/fly's at all.:yinyang:

im currently thinking if i can cram a few more in my tent. as i want another fire 99 as im almost out of fire 99 bud. lol 

i need to get my next lot of seeds wet in a few weeks, so i can have them on veg while these veg a while, then into the cfl/growdrobe with the new seeds till these zkittzo's and sour orange diesels are finished flowering. 

will update with pics the weekend when there is some green showing. il be spraying them with a light seaweed spray at 1ml per liter first coupe of weeks, then start on the bio bizz grow. 


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at last i have managed to flip my pics the rite way round, i uploaded them to the site again, but they were still the wrong way, but it gave me the option the flip /rotate the pics, where as my older pics on here it wont give me the option to rotate. 

anyhow. lol 

im stoned on some dry sift and bubble hash joints so far today. 

here are the pics of the zkittzos and sour orange diesel pack that panik kindly sent them out to me rapid time ,for the comp. 

that's better looking pics. lol 

pics of seeding's i update the weekend. peace. :smoke:


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well i potted the zkittzo's and sour orange diesels up into small pots of soil not long ago, there under a cfl strip light in my kitchen, sat on top of the fridge so there close to the 3 foot plus long strip light on the ceiling.  ghetto i know. lol but hey it works for me. as i dont fry my seeds this way ,as i have done before under hps this early on. :wallbash:

i just leave them a good 4 to 5 days under the cfl in the kitchen on 24 hours lighting. under natural sunlight and cfl in the daytime. and then just the cfl at night. :hippy:

then i will put them into the dr120 tent under the 600 w hps duel spec bulb, in about a weeks time, and left a good 1.6 meters from the 600w bulb till there showing a few sets of nodes, then il pot up, and get the 600w 2 foot + from tops, i have a clip on fan ,clipped to my 600w budget euro shade ,blowing at the 600w bulb, blowing the heat away from the tops of plants up to the c/filter/ extraction fan. so i can keep my light at 2 foot pus away from tops without burning the tops. the shade is slightly higher the opposite end of the shade with the clip on fan on.

so the hot air can be blown upwards away from the pants. 

till the weekend, take it easy folks. :smoke:


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Looking and sounds like you got it all under control mate, get some piccys up lets see um,.. :D

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hi panik. yeah im having probs with my phone wire to connect to laptop, il buy a new one tomorrow and get some pics up mate. :yinyang:

i just checked them, there all a good 2 inch above ground now, i had to help a couple of seed shells off, as they had helmet head/ seed shell stuck on. 

pics coming tomoz all. :smokin:


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well i got a new phone wire at last, so here are the pics of the zkittzo's and sour orange diesel seedings. 

i will leave them in these pots a few more days, then il pot them up into small half liter pots of soil. i have brought the plagron light mix again as i was happy with it last grow

i also have some new nutes to try, some myco chum, its a mix of kelp extract/seaweeed, and molasses and fish protien hydrolysate, i guess that's fish mix ? it stinks like it. lol 

and i have some orca liquid mycorrhizae 60ml bottle, strong stuff this is, it says to use at 1ml per gallon of water in soil. :unsure:

here are the pics anyhow, top 2 pics are of the zkittzo's 




here are 2 of the sour orange diesels. :yinyang:


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it says on the bottle of the myco chum, it can be used in teas too. i guess that's the molasses and kelp/seaweed extract init. 

il start using it as a spray in veg, when there in there own pots soon. il start with about half a ml per liter, as fishmix is strong on its own, without other nute's like seaweed extract. 

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the zkittzo's and sour orange diesel seeds are growing fast. i am going to pot them up now into small 1 liter pots of plagron light mix soil. 

i have found that its a good soil, no bugs or flys/gnats. but its a little weak on the added nutes to the soil. compared to what i normally use bio bizz all mix, its deffo got less food in.

i am having to feed from the start in light mix, so far im using 1ml of seaweed extract per liter of room temp tap water.

the myco chum feed i mentioned early on in the thread is great stuff for veg. its a mix of kelp/seaweed extract, and molasses and fish mix. so it has everything in for a good veg, and can be used in tea's/brews. all organic too. :yinyang:

here are a few pictures i took today of the seeds. first up is a pic of the 2 sour orange diesel seedlings. they are growing fast since i last updated pics above. i looked in the tent after 2 days and there jumping out wanting a pot of there own. lol 





now for the 3 zkittzo seedlings. looking kushty these are too. 

now starting to grow there true leafs. ive had them under the 600w hps duel spectrum bulb,about 1.5m from the bulb. and there loving it. :hippy:

they will take of after getting potted up now. i like to leave seeds till now until i pot them up, as the stems have hardend of now, so i wont break any when potting up. touche's wood. lol 

il update with pics in about a weeks time, see how much they have grew from now, till then. 

peace all:smoke:



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Nice one smokie :yep:


Them zkittzo are coming on, they are going to soon overtake mine tho, under that 600, saying that I have turned my lamp down and lowered it a fair bit, they appear to be enjoying life at the moment, let's just see if mine can keep up with yours :rofl:  I doubt it but I'll get there all the same, good luck with the potting up, I'll touch up a bit of wood for you, take care Jj:yinyang:

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safe jibba jabba. yeah i am going to have to put mine under cfl in my grow drobe, as i have flipped my tent to flower as its full of other vars. 

these can have a good veg in my grow drobe, then into the tent to flower when i have space. :hippy:


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looking good mate , they are loving life under the 600 keep up the good work, .. 

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