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The Devil's Arse Welcomes Dinafem Critical+2.0

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Thanks mate,

Get yourself comfy and enjoy rest of the show.


twoscoops :oldtoker:


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Thanks for the kind words mate, aye the plants are looking tip top at the moment and have a lovely green sheen to them. Not been going crazy high with the feeds I have just kept it around 1.6 EC reading and they are gulping it down lol , makes me wonder where it all goes. 

They are getting ready for a good tidy up to remove all the lower growth that won't make anything. 


twoscoops :oldtoker:


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Mini update:


I took some more photos Sunday night (29th) of the plants so far, this will mean they are 10 days into bloom on the photographs :) .


One thing to mention is the sudden cold temperatures we are experiencing again,

I am glad I didn't take the nutrient heater out of the reservoir last week because my nutrients temps would have suffered, instead they were between 18.5c to 19.5c :yep:.


This is just a quick update and I have still got the scrog / support net in place, but don't be surprised if it dissapears, we will see how much they stretch and take shape.


Some photos of the canopy / net :




Next some photos of the beautiful leaves : 




Next some shots of the flower / bud sites starting to develop :




Thanks for looking in :) 


twoscoops :oldtoker:

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Fantastic mate, really dialled in well in here :) Really nice lush looking leaves and the flowers are coming on strong :yep:

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Thanks matey :) ,  

I will take some more photos tonight and that will be two weeks into bloom.

It's difficult getting canopy shots because the area is so big, nearly did myself a mischief the other night lol . 


I might gently lower the net so most of the tops are through for support later on. 

Or other option is take the bugger out lol and just use yo -yo hangers about weeks   4-5 just before they start leaning all over the place.


Either way they do need a right good clean up underneath removing small bud sites / lower branches and lower leaves. Plus when all the lower growth is gone I can get some better air flowing around them with my dump fan :) .


Cheers ,


twoscoops :oldtoker:

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Update in 'The Devil's Arse':


Last Thursday (4th May) was two weeks or 14 days into bloom phase, yipeee :yahoo:.

I took quite a few photos so i will attach them at the end of this post.


I have been changing the reservoir with fresh tap water and nutrients every week and also a mid week top up because the plants are loving the feeds :) .


Here is the nutrient strength I have been adding :

Growers Ark Grow 1ml / L

Growers Ark Bloom 2ml / L

Growers Ark Universal Traces 2ml / L 

Growers Ark Root Tonic 3ml / L

All this was added to 170 litres of fresh tap water and gave me an EC of 1.6 and the PH reading was 6.1.


The nutrient temperatures have been kept at 18.5c - 21c depending on the unpredictable weather we have been experiencing. Last week my reservoir heater was on and now this weekend it's back off again. 

I have still got the system flooding three times during the 12 hour lights on period. 

I could increase this to four floods but at the moment the plants look happy enough and are drinking the reservoir down daily :) .


Room temps have been between 19c - 28c, this includes lights off period.

RH reading showed 41 - 50, (I might increase the speed of the RAM floor fans to the next setting.)


The photos below I took on Thursday so it will reflect 14 days into bloom :) :


Here are a few canopy & different sections of the net:






















Next up is some underneath photos :

( just to show how much work I will have to do tidying them up lol








Some photos of the flowers / bud sites forming nicely :


































Below is some photos of the plants showing the lovely leaves and the bud sites starting to stack up :
















I am happy with the way the plants are looking super healthy but I think I will definitely be removing the net because I think if I don't I will probably get some Humidity issues later on in late bloom or worse.


The net makes it really awkward for doing any plant care.

Without the net I can wade into the jungle and tidy em up.


I am thinking to gently remove the net and then give each plant a really good tidy up with the snips and remove all the popcorn sites and lower leaves and that way I will get better air circulation around the tent and I think it will be a positive move, so that's the plan over the next few days.

I will try and get some before and after photos of the mass lollipopping :) .


One last thing the plants are starting to smell great, I can smell hints of citrus coming through , lovely :yahoo:



What do we think folks ?



twoscoops  :oldtoker:


Edited by twoscoops
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Awesome plants and those leaves are perfect, I love seeing lush green shiny leaves. Very skillfull growing there dude.


Good luck removing the net and trimming them up.

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Yeah, they will reward you for thinning them out a tad bud ;)  Plenty of air through them and those buds are gonna be corkers and well developed for only two weeks bloom...awesome grow this and lovely plants :v:

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Mini update in 'The Devil's Arse':


I finally gently removed the scrog / support net from the tent after deciding it's just getting in the way and stopping me from getting to each plant for a right good tidy up /  Brazilian. 


I took some photos (Monday 7th) of the net in place and then some photos when I had carefully removed it.

I will attach these at the end of this post.


The plants have been drinking plenty as I have been keeping a watchful eye on my reservoir level & strength.

150 Litres has gone in just under a week, I love it when they gulp it down :yahoo:.


This is just a quick update and I will do my weekly update soon detailing the feeds and what's been happening etc :) .


Here are some photos of the support net in place:






"Alakazam" and the net has vanished for good:






Heres a quick flower shot (18 days bloom) :





One thing to mention is the smell it's insane, I can smell really strong lemon scents , it's more lemon than lemons , it's off the scale, It really is a powerful and deep smell.


Thats it for the quick update and at least now I will be able to get my waders on and go walkabout in the tent and start the mass lollipopping :stoned:.









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You're gonna have some fun lollipopping that jungle mate. Looking grand and frosting up nicely :yep:

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Thanks mate, aye it will be a task but I am up for the challenge and the snips are nice and sharp :) .


I will start at the front three and then break through into the jungle, hope I make it out the other side lol .

I don't think I could have filled the tent anymore, there's a tsunami of frosty Critical +2.0 coming :yahoo:.


If I can tidy them up it should make harvest time so much easier too.



twoscoops :yinyang:












Edited by twoscoops
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Your tent is exploding with buds brother. What a beautuful sight :yep:


Good call on taking the screen out. This will allow you to get in and remove those lower sucker stems which will not produce much end product but that energy will be put to use in the remaining budsites  :bong:


Looking fantastic my friend  :yep:


As always thank you for taking the time to update your diary and for the added pictures very much appreciated!


Keep up the great work and I'll drop back in on the next update  :headbang:


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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Thanks Mark it is a wonderous sight all them flowers :yahoo:,

The smell inside is getting intense in a really lovely citrus way :) .

Did someone say Quick Critical strain , watch these in my tent - they are flying .... Woo-hoo :) 


twoscoops :oldtoker:

Edited by twoscoops
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1 minute ago, twoscoops said:

Did someone say Quick Critical strain


This is a strain I would like to see you grow mate :yep:


Quick critical 42-49 days :yep:


This said yours are looking on track for a 50 day harvest :bong:


Will be watching this flower show with great interest  :headbang:


All the best 



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Update in 'The Devil's Arse':


I took some more photos on Sunday evening  (15th) which is 3 1/2 weeks or 24 days into bloom :) .

After previously removing the net I decided it was time to get the snips out and start lollipopping all the nine plants to remove all the lower bud sites and branches.

I took each plant out of the tent in its 11 litre inner pot and carefully propped them up using two upturned spare long plant pots to prevent  the mass of roots from being damaged. 

After a few hours of lollipopping all nine plants were carefully back in the tent.

I made a mark on the inner pot and outer flood pots so I could line the plants back up to there previous position in a rotational way :yep:.


Below are some photos of a plant I removed from the tent. (After lollipopping) : 






I took a few photos of the plants (underneath) back in the tent after lollipopping:










I am happy with the results as I can see the lovely thick stems and pots & tent floor again :) .  

Fingers crossed it will benefit the plants going forward and more energy will be put into top flowers.


Another update will follow this detailing feeds / temps etc and some more photos.



twoscoops :yep:




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