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The Devil's Arse Welcomes Dinafem Critical+2.0

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@smokie1 b c f c


Thanks :) , and the set up I use is a flood and drain IWS. 

It does have its problems like the roots chasing and blocking the flood pipes so you have to keep on top of it.


If you have the time I would build a auto watering system using them run off trays made by IWS or RTA and have a root pouch / smart pot on top of that with a top feeding pipe, that way the plants aren't sat in run off.


A few members on here have these types of self made watering systems and they work really well with fantastic results. 


twoscoops :yinyang: 

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These are stunning Scoops :beer: 


Quality of growing is fantastic mate and got this system running sweet as :smokin:

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Thankyou and aye get yer self a beer or three :) ,


I hope I can keep them happy through flower and everything running smooth we will see  :smokin:.


twoscoops :yinyang:

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Looking great mate. Roll on the flowers :yep: 

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On 16/04/2018 at 6:08 PM, twoscoops said:

I am dreaming now of a 400 gallon pot in the middle of my back garden lol .


Shame about YouTube terminating the videos, I will have a look later if I can find any other videos on similar sites.


Mendo dope style. :)


Not sure if the Mendo boys have avoided the "YouTube " cannabis purge. This I'll check as I know that Cumstomgrow420 with over 1,000,000 subs has just lost his channel. 


We are still getting strikes with no channel lol


All the best 



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