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Sick plants - in need of diagnosis help

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Yeah, it was more that I drowned them than over watered :unsure::wallbash:


I really like that washing up bottle idea. I used a pressure sprayer with oxygenated water for a few weeks which really helped. Now I'm oxygenating everything but still learning on the amounts to give - one issue is that with smart pots its a little more difficult to water until you see run-off.


I've got a pretty balanced environment for them, but as it's the final few weeks I have a 'growing concern' that the buds will be quite airy in the end (pun intended). I can handle some small failures on this grow as it's the first, and the next ones are already germinating.


From your reaction though, I guess they're looking ok? (well it's certainly an improvement from 1 month ago! :yinyang:)


Any advice on making sure these calyxes firm up?

>Temps good

> Air flow good

> Lights (I just moved a couple of inches closer), good

>Feeding, good


Not sure there is any more I can do.

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