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Refereeing encourages diving

OK, in an arsey mood cos we're losing against Man U lol


But something in the game has prompted this post. Salah was in the area, United defender had his hands all over him, pulling him back, impeding him. Had he gone down it would have been a penalty, but he didn't, he was only thinking of scoring. So he doesn't go down, and doesn't get the penalty. If he'd gone down under the contact it would have been a dive (because clearly he could have stayed on his feet, because he did stay on his feet), but it would have won the penalty. So he was penalised for not diving. I see too much of that - players that have been fouled (because a foul doesn't need to bring a player down, it just needs to impede him unfairly), trying to stay on their feet, and not winning the foul. Getting penalised for fair play :headpain: Of course that encourages players to dive on contact, cos if the ref isn't going to give a foul when a player tries to stay on their feet, why bother trying ? And if you're not gonna bother trying, then you'll go down easy. Shit refereeing leads to diving - it does my fucking head in, tackles that are fair 50/50 tackles (or when a player gets the ball but then clears another player out) given as fouls (and even yellow cards) when they were perfectly fair physical challenges, while defenders with their arms all over a player in the penalty area, pulling them back ,impeding them (which most certainly IS a foul) not given unless the attacking player goes down.


Sorry if that don't make much sense, vodka for breakfast :rolleyes:

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